June 01 7 min

Why User Experience Is Usually Compromised Before the Launch

We found numerous areas UX designers should pay attention to and understand. How does UX get compromised beforehand?

May 22 9 min

How to Track Pre-Installs for Google Play Auto Install (PAI)

MyTracker recently added a PAI pre-install attribution feature. Learn about PAI pre-installs and how to get them, configure tracking in MyTracker, and assess performance.

May 16 8 min

It'll Soon Be (Too) Easy to Develop a Website in A Day

Learn about the tools, strategies, and best practices to efficiently create a cross-platform website in a day and stay relevant in this competitive environment.

May 04 14 min

Understanding Site Attribution: Everything You Need to Know

Ready to learn more about your site traffic and conversions? Let’s dive into this guide to site attribution.

April 19 3 min

[NEW] Fraud Scanner Now Analyzes All Web Sessions as Part of Web Campaigns

From now on, in addition to analyzing and checking the first visits to a website, our Fraud Scanner also looks into all sessions of users acquired through ad campaigns.

March 30 16 min

The Mobile Go-to-Market Strategy Every App Developer Needs

In this post, we’re going to go over creating the only go-to-market strategy for mobile apps that you’ll ever need.

March 30 8 min

8 Mobile App Financial Metrics That You Need to Track

These are the 8 mobile app financial metrics that all mobile developers and marketers need to track to assess their true profitability.

March 23 8 min

4 Steps to Optimize Your Conversion Funnel with Push Notifications

Learn to identify problems in the conversion funnel, create a user base to target, send them push notifications to increase conversions and analyze the results.

March 13 11 min

Five Tips for Your SKAdNetwork 4.0 Marketing Strategy

In this article, we are going to highlight changes in the 4.0 version and differences vs 3.0, explain why you might consider migrating to SKAN 4.0 and provide tips on how to get ready for that.

    March 07 3 min

    Update: A Single Metric to Detect Bots and Emulated Devices

    You no longer need separate reports on every hardware metric to dispute traffic quality with your advertising partner – instead, just build and show an integrated report on the number of bots.

    March 03 12 min

    How to Track Mobile App User Onboarding with Custom Events

    How do you track mobile app user onboarding outside of downloads or first sessions? The answer is tracking onboarding through custom events, and in this post, we’ll show you how.

    February 27 32 min

    23 Powerful Marketing Tactics to Promote Your Product in 2023

    This article describes 23 tactics you could include in your strategy to build up your digital product in 2023.

    January 24 10 min

    7 Simple Web Analytics Tools for 2023

    Web analytics are must-haves for your tech stack, and there are plenty of great choices on the market. In this post, we’re going to look at seven of the most useful analytics tools in 2023.

    January 23 11 min

    Four Ways to Use Churn Prediction in MyTracker

    In this article, you will learn how to use churn predictions to identify the most effective advertising channels and set up retargeting campaigns using MyTracker's tools.

    December 27, 2022 8 min

    How to Measure Personalization Performance with A/B Tests

    In this article, we are going to look at how personalization can help you grow app revenue and how personalization performance can be measured using A/B testing. 

      December 14, 2022 12 min

      10 Metrics to Analyze Your App's Revenue in MyTracker

      This article explains how MyTracker can help you review your project's key financial metrics and how to interpret, compare and combine them to get the full picture of your product's performance.

      December 09, 2022 18 min

      The 12 Mobile App Push Notification Templates You Need

      Writing app push notifications is hard. These 12 mobile push notification templates (and some best practices) will get you started.

      December 05, 2022 28 min

      The Complete Guide to Mobile Push Notifications in 2023

      Here's the most essential guide to mobile push notifications: pros and cons, use cases, statistics, push notifications on iOS vs Android, and more!

      December 01, 2022 3 min

      All Ad Fraud Data Now Available in One Dashboard

      Accessing fraud data in MyTracker has now become even easier! See how to access the key ad fraud data for your project in one easy dashboard. 

      November 17, 2022 9 min

      From acquisition to referral: How to analyze your AARRR funnel with MyTracker's product marketing reports

      In marketing and product tasks, you often need to use different approaches to data analysis. These tasks in MyTracker can be solved using different types of metrics. Let's consider them.

      November 11, 2022 3 min

      New Way to Detect Fraud Using Machine Learning in MyTracker

      Uncover fraud that is hard to detect through regular means using the new AI Fraud Detector. Try it while it's free!

      October 27, 2022 8 min

      AARRR Framework Guide: A Step-by-Step Overview of Channels, Tactics and Metrics

      This is the ultimate guide to the AARRR framework. What questions to ask ourselves at each stage? What channels and tools to use anf how to use them? What metrics to look at to assess performance at each stage? 

        October 27, 2022 3 min

        MyTracker’s New Feature: Audiences

        Audiences is a new tool that allows you to automatically send audience segments to advertising platforms.

        October 10, 2022 12 min

        6 Effective Marketing Channels to Increase Quality App Installs

        There are plenty of different app marketing channels out there, but they each have their own pros and cons. To help you find the right ones for you, we’re going to take a look at the 6 most effective types of marketing channels that will help you get high-quality installs quickly.

        September 05, 2022 4 min

        Personalized App Onboarding: Successful Apps Case Study

        See how popular apps personalize their onboarding process to improve user in-app experience and collect additional information about their app users.

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