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Automatic Tracking of Website Events – Now in MyTracker

MyTracker has added a new feature: automatic tracking of events that occur on a website. All you need to do to use it is to add the web counter to your website and enable automatic events in the counter settings in your MyTracker account.

What are automatic events on a website?

Automatic events are user actions that MyTracker automatically receives information about from a website. They do not require you to add any extra code to the website as in the case of custom events, which simplifies the data collection process for website owners.

Currently, MyTracker supports automatic tracking of 11 types of events:

What are the benefits of tracking automatic events?

Automatic event tracking enables website owners, analysts, and marketing experts to quickly assess the number and nature of user actions on their website, without the need for configuring any additional settings.

For instance, it can be used to measure the frequency of phone number clicks on different pages of a website. This can help identify pages with higher call conversion rates and attract more customers to those pages, improving the website's performance.

You can also use automatic event tracking to determine which page has a higher callback conversion, and use it as a landing page for advertising. This can boost lead generation and ROI of your ad campaigns.

How to set up automatic events

  1. If you don’t have a MyTracker account, register using the form below.
  2. Add the web counter to all pages of your website.
  3. Enable automatic event tracking in your personal account settings.
connect web analytics

If you have already signed up with MyTracker, you can go directly to your personal account settings and set up automatic events.

How to view statistics for automatic events

After setting up automatic events, go to Report ConstructorCustom events and select Automatic events.

automatic events tracking

If you want to know the pages where the event occurred, add the Full page URL dimension.

If you need to detail the metric down to the event name, enable the Automatic event name dimension.

Here is an example of a report that shows the frequency of specific user actions on specific pages of a website:

automatic event tracking

Automatic tracking of website events is already available to all MyTracker users for free.

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