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MyTracker Benchmarking vs Other Analytics Systems

Multi-platform analytics and attribution for apps and websites: over 200 metrics, predictive analytics and fraud protection in one interface – free.

Other analytics platforms
Mobile attribution
MyTracker is compatible with all major advertising platforms and partners. Use 200+ metrics and their multiple combinations, including CR, ROI, LTV, CPI, purchases, subscriptions and other indicators.
Statistics broken down by user
Unlike other services, MyTracker provides activity details by real user instead of merely tracking activity per device.

If your product has a login feature, you can combine customer data from different devices where the customer logs in, such as mobile, tablet or PC.
Multi-platform analytics (Web+iOS+Android)
MyTracker allows you to analyze all product data across iOS, Android and Web. Improve your product using customer behavior data from all platforms.
Deep and smart links, QR codes
Unlike other services, MyTracker ensures stable operation of deferred deeplinks for iOS and Android, which can be used in ad campaigns.

With MyTracker, you can add regular/deferred deeplinks or QR codes to your mailings or promos to redirect users to the relevant platform or the app page for iOS and Android.
Product funnels
MyTracker helps you get a full understanding of how users interact with your product via a conversion funnel. This enables you to identify bottlenecks, address them and increase profits generated by the app.
LTV prediction for all revenue streams
One of MyTracker’s free functions is prediction of revenue and churn for a period of 30 days to 2 years, with accuracy of up to 90%.

This feature leverages machine learning algorithms that analyze millions of user actions and app events. Results can be broken down by country, partner, and campaign, going as far down as a specific SubID.
Audience forecasts
MyTracker enables you to build campaign performance reports assessing both ROI and retention metrics.

You can use audience segmentation and raw API to create a push campaign for low LTV customers.
Raw data download via the API
In MyTracker, you can send, store and download unlimited volumes of raw data ready for analytics, with no fees or caps. Download data as is or enhance it using additional parameters and events. Build customized reports or export the data to your BI.
Report builder and customization
MyTracker Report builder is a tool to create detailed reports with flexible metrics, filters and additional features.

We offer over 200 metrics for data analytics. You can also choose from a wide variety of preconfigured dashboards with key metrics to meet every purpose.
Custom events with parameters, no restrictions or limitations
MyTracker allows you to build reports with an unlimited number of custom events for several user groups, compare them, watch their dynamics, or use them for retargeting.
Revenue tracking
MyTracker shows your revenue by subscriptions, in-app purchases and monetization. Without any external services, you can look up your earnings by device or user.

Unlike other systems, MyTracker enables you to:
•  upload old transactions from third-party platforms for comprehensive reporting;
•  send payment data from both customer devices and servers;
•  verify Google Play and App Store payments via server requests and build statistics using only those payments that have been verified by stores;
•  track subscription renewals in app stores;
•  view all revenues, including from ad impressions, thanks to our integration with ad mediation platforms;
•  use LTV prediction models for new app users.
Anti-fraud (Web+Mobile)
Fraud Scanner, MyTracker’s free built-in fraud protection system, detects all key types of mobile and web fraud.

We highlight fraud traffic instead of blocking it so that you can make your own decisions based on this data. For example, you can show it to your ad partners to settle disputes and request refunds.
Personalized in-app offers
MyTracker Personalize can create personalized recommendations for specific audience segments.

It automatically selects optimally priced products to fit a certain user and measures their performance using A/B tests.
User segmentation
MyTracker tools enable you to analyze every potentially valuable audience segment and get the necessary data to improve marketing and make your product more user-friendly.
Calculated metrics
MyTracker allows you to complement your reports with vital business data and create your own metrics.

Calculated metrics can be integrated into reports without uploading data to Excel or additional processing. You can also share your metrics with colleagues.
Agency account
Agency accounts in MyTracker help advertising agencies measure and analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns launched to promote mobile apps or websites.

Each account provides access to marketing tools, dashboards, and detailed reports on the agency's existing ad campaigns.
Technical support
MyTracker has real-time support channels which you can contact directly to quickly have your issue resolved. Our support is available 24/7.

MyTracker offers:
•  personalized 24/7 support;
•  quick troubleshooting;
•  initial consultations on any technicalities.
Dedicated manager
MyTracker has a premium feature for users in need of a dedicated personal manager. The support includes assistance with integration, personal consultations and workshops, team training, and advanced analytics seminars.
Expanded MyTracker and myTarget integration
Full-fledged integration of our products will enable you to launch precise ad campaigns in Russia, including in VK and OK social networks.

You will have access to unique ad types, including DOOH and ML attribution for iOS, which will help you calculate attribution with an accuracy comparable to the pre-SKAdNetwork era.
Easy integration
Connecting MyTracker to your project and collecting initial data takes only 15 minutes. Integration can be completed in three simple steps: register, copy SDK keys for your apps, add MyTracker SDK to your app, and you are good to go!
How much does it cost?
All basic MyTracker marketing attribution and product analytics tools are available for free, with no hidden restrictions or limitations.
Why is your attribution service free?
We have a fully self-supported infrastructure, which enables us to provide access to unlimited tracking and data storage.
What if I am already using a mobile tracking system?
MyTracker can expand and complement your tracker’s functionality without interfering with other SDKs.
By choosing our service, you get a reliable solution for your business, regardless of its size. We offer a precise and user-friendly toolkit with no restrictions or limitations.
Is it difficult to switch from my current MMP to MyTracker?
To start, you only need to integrate MyTracker SDK into your app, which takes about 15 minutes. The data collection process will begin as soon as your app updates in stores. Here are simple instructions for connecting MyTracker.
How do I add a new marketing partner in MyTracker?
You can select a partner from the list of connected users or add your own partner. We will be happy to assist you with that.
How do I learn to use MyTracker?
We have prepared a detailed guide to get you up to speed on all technical aspects, and our customer support is available 24/7. Make sure to visit our blog, where you will find plenty of useful articles.
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