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Fraud Scanner

Anti-fraud system protecting ad traffic from mobile and web fraud. Identify fraud traffic and save ad budget.
Fraud detection at each stage of interaction
All website visits and app installs are screened using fraud metrics and indicators.
Real-time fraud detection
Combined fraud metrics will help quickly assess overall fraud exposure in your project.
Identification of all fraud types
Fraud Scanner identifies bots, fake devices, click farms, install hijacking, click flooding, and other types of fraud.
Fraud benchmarks
Fraud Scanner measures your traffic against relevant benchmarks and alerts you if the level of fraud exceeds them.
Screening from click to post-installation or website visit behavior
Click metrics detect suspicious intervals between clicks and app or page downloads.
Hardware metrics compare device parameters. For example, it may be a Huawei device listed as an iPhone 15.
In-app metrics detect suspiciously high session frequency, abnormal activity, and CPA fraud.
MyTracker’s Fraud Scanner is ahead of most of the competition thanks to its high precision in fraud detection. The tool has many helpful functions such as history of sales and assessment of user behavior. All this reduces the likelihood of fraud and makes cooperation with partners much more transparent.
Denis Fedin
Digital Marketing Specialist, Lady & Gentleman CITY
We chose MyTracker to cooperate with a CPA agency as we realized that the existing analytics system failed to identify fraud traffic. MyTracker brought us direct cost savings and lower CAC.
Konstantin Novikov
E-commerce Product Manager at Yobidoyobi
The advantage of MyTracker is that it can be used for both websites and mobile apps. Unlike most analytics systems, MyTracker provides enriched statistics based on its own data (social demographics, employment, interests, education).
Andrey Chekhlov
Head of Analytics at Sravni.ru
Maximize your fraud protection with Fraud Scanner’s premium plan

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11 additional metrics for advanced fraud screening Detect fraud even if it is heavily blended into legitimate traffic.
Save ad budget by accessing advanced metrics.
Remove fraud devices from retargeting campaigns Send bot-free audience segments to ad networks automatically.
Don't waste your budget on fake devices.