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Analytics that powers your business

Analysis of revenue, traffic, and user behavior on your website
Gain quick and helpful insights into your business
All the essentials for free Analysis of traffic and ads, audience, revenue, and user behavior on the website.
Instant reports and templates Add a counter and instantly assess product audiences, channels, customer acquisition cost, etc.
Easy integration Add a web counter in 30 seconds. No need for developers or programming skills. Quick start with ready-made plugins for popular platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, and OpenCart.
Revenue analytics Learn which channels and partners are bringing in the most customers. Analyze sales and predict revenue.
Two easy steps to connect MyTracker


Fill in a simple form and confirm your email.


Install a MyTracker tag on your website

Insert the tag into your website code or use ready-made WordPress, Joomla and OpenCart plugins or Google Tag Manager.

Add a tag

Make data-driven business development decisions

Accurate analytics for confident decisions

Attribution capabilities for different tasks and business types
Get attribution data on visitors, not sessions.
Compare conversion sources using first-visit and last-visit attribution.
Customize attribution, inactivity, and session timeout windows to fit your business.
User-level analytics
Six visitors with an average ticket of RUB 100 turned out to be two users with an average ticket of RUB 300?
Analyze purchase frequency, average ticket, LTV, retention, and sources of acquiring new users or re-engaging existing ones, regardless of cookies and devices.
Flexible analytics
You set the level of sophistication for your analytics. Over 200 metrics, breakdowns by channel, partner, geography, and many more.
The online space has no boundaries – and neither does your business
Analyze and scale up your performance with MyTracker.