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E-commerce analytics

Cross-platform analytics for e-commerce services

Analyze sales and predict revenue

01 Revenue analytics Assess your projected, actual, and lost revenue using statistics on orders made, paid, and canceled. 02 Product analytics Plan procurement and develop your online store using sales statistics broken down by name, supplier, category, brand, and other metrics. 03 Channel analytics Compare orders of users referred to your online store through ads in various channels. Assess the return on your investments in advertising and decide what ad platforms are best in attracting customers. 04 Ad budget savings With LTV forecasts and anti-fraud solutions, you can disable fraud traffic quickly and cancel loss-making ad campaigns. 05 Mobile and web – all in one window Assess your business performance across all platforms in one window. 06 Funnels and paths Visualize your sales funnel and analyze the path of users attracted by ad campaigns through various channels. 07 Audience analytics Analyze interests and sociodemographics of acquired users, compare them to the target profile and gain insights for further growth.
The online space has no boundaries – and neither does your business
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