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Ad analytics for mobile apps and websites

Analyze user behavior, retain audiences, and find bottlenecks and growth points to monetize your product

Boost ad efficiency

01 Cross-channel ad analytics Analyze campaign performance from multiple sources in one report thanks to integration with a variety of ad partners — from CPM and CPA to ROI/ROAS across all channels. Assess ad placements on blogs, QR codes, and other promo channels using smart tracking links. 02 LTV and ROI predictions Identify sources with unfavorable LTV predictions and reallocate your campaign budget early to cut costs. 03 Audiences Segment users based on their activity, geography, churn probability and other metrics and send segments to ad networks. 04 Deep and smart links Take users who click on an ad to an app screen of your choice. Supports all platforms as well as deferred deep linking. 05 Manage data Export data to enrich your CRM systems using the interface or API. Configure attribution for different tasks and business types.

Leverage MyTracker to take an in-depth look into metrics

Get insights into your audience
Analyze interests and sociodemographic parameters of acquired users, compare them to the target profile and gain insights for further growth.
Analyze users instead of devices
Distinguish between people and devices: learn how many unique users your campaigns attract regardless of ad identifiers and cookies.

Analyze user LTV and other metrics across multiple platforms, gaining a holistic view of your audience.
Explore user paths and create funnels
Understand the path for users attracted through various ad channels.

Identify creatives and sources that motivate users to move down your product funnel.
Monitoring bots and ad fraud
Analyze traffic quality, identify suspicious sources, and provide your ad partners with evidence of fraudulent traffic to claim a refund.
The online space has no boundaries – and neither does your business
Analyze and scale up your performance with MyTracker.