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Mobile app analytics

Optimize ad campaigns, track user behavior, and analyze revenue streams by source
Gain actionable insights into your app's performance
Alternative app store coverage Unleash the power of MyTracker’s analytics, catering to apps both on RuStore and alternative app stores.
User-level analytics Analyze user LTV and other metrics across multiple platforms, gaining a holistic view of your audience.
Audiences Segment users based on advanced attributes, and automatically upload user segments to advertising platforms.
Anti-fraud Protect yourself from ad fraud, protecting the accuracy of campaign performance metrics — and your budget.

Empower your business with data-driven insights

The advantage of MyTracker is that it can be used for both websites and mobile apps. Unlike most analytics systems, MyTracker provides enriched statistics based on its own data (social demographics, employment, interests, education).
Andrey Chekhlov
Head of Analytics at Sravni.ru
Among the multitude of mobile analytics services, MyTracker is a standout for me.
It offers easy onboarding and implementation along with a variety of reports that I can customize to fit my specific needs.
With its built-in integrations, MyTracker has helped me streamline partner traffic management. I can see great potential in our collaboration.
Artur Demkin
Chief Marketing Officer at AM Capital
MyTracker is a highly user-friendly and advanced analytics service. Its deep links and technical capabilities surpass the solutions offered by the market’s key players.
A crucial competitive advantage for our company is the quality of technical support: they always provide fast and effective assistance.
Ivan Tkachuk
Head of Digital at FoodBand
We chose MyTracker to cooperate with a CPA agency as we realized that the existing analytics system failed to identify fraud traffic. MyTracker brought us direct cost savings and lower CAC.
Konstantin Novikov
E-commerce Product Manager at Yobidoyobi
I am happy to be working with MyTracker. Their support team are always there to help and handle my questions quickly and effectively.

The system itself is quite easy to manage and integrate, and the number of reports available is simply stunning. You can build customized reports, which is precisely what I need for my tasks.

Integration with MyTracker makes CPA management that much easier for partners. It’s great that MyTracker works with both websites and mobile apps. Audience analysis is the feature I like best as it gives you detailed statistics based on sociodemographic parameters, job, interests, and education of your users. This is extremely valuable information that very few competitors can provide.

MyTracker’s Fraud Scanner is ahead of most of the competition thanks to its high precision in fraud detection. The tool has many helpful functions such as history of sales and assessment of user behavior. All this reduces the likelihood of fraud and makes cooperation with partners much more transparent.
Denis Fedin
Digital Marketing Specialist, Lady & Gentleman CITY

Accurate analytics for confident decisions

Raw data
Indefinite storage for any amount of raw data that can be exported using the API or interface.
Revenue tracking by type
Analyze revenue from in-app payments, subscriptions, and ad monetization in one window.
Personalize recommendation engine
Boost your app's revenue by personalizing in-app purchases and subscriptions.
Post-click and post-view attribution
Analyze ad performance using multiple attribution models.
SDK support for iOS, Android, Unity Ads, Flutter, and alternative app stores
ios, Android, Unity Ads, Flutter,
RuStore, Google Play, App Store, AppGallery
Integration with advertising platforms like VK Ads
VK Ads, Google Ads, Yandex Direct
ironSource, AppLovin, Unity Ads, AppleSearchAds, Appnext, Liftoff, Moloco, BigoAds, Mintegral
MyTracker offers seamless convenience
All the essentials for free
All of MyTracker's key features are available for free — no credit card or contract signing required.

Analyze traffic, revenue, and user behavior on your website upon connection.
Swift support
Our technical support team swiftly answers queries and aids you in the setup process, including switching from other analytics system.

We also offer post-integration assistance and educational webinars.
In-depth user documentation
Our detailed technical documentation is available for self-service setup and troubleshooting.

With intuitive structure, interface screenshots, code examples, and smart search functionality, it will guide you all the way from integration to event configuration.
Convenient ways to get in touch
You can reach out to us via Telegram, email, or the chat widget on tracker.my.com.
Empower your business with data-driven insights
Unlock confident decision-making by leveraging precise analytics and eliminating guesswork.