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[NEW] MyTracker Introduces Order Analytics for E-commerce

MyTracker has become even more convenient and useful for e-commerce: now the E-commerce tool enables you to analyze revenues with a breakdown by order and product of online stores.

E-commerce tool functions in MyTracker:

In this article, we are going to look at the functionality of the new tool with screenshots and usage scenarios.

Order analytics for E-commerce

With Dashboards in MyTracker, you can view the order status and analyze expected or lost revenues.

Revenue analytics by order status

An order can have three statuses:

Order statuses are transmitted to the system automatically. Use them to see how many orders were paid for from a particular advertising channel and how many were returned. With this data, conclusions can be drawn about the effectiveness of the channel.

Expected and lost revenues

In addition to actual revenue, MyTracker now gives an opportunity to view expected and lost revenues from online store orders.

Product analytics for E-commerce

Use the Report Builder to provide MyTracker with additional product parameters, such as category, color, size, store location, supplier, etc.

This serves as a tool for analysis by product:

Product sale and return data can be used to measure the ad campaign performance. Use the Report Builder to analyze sales and returns by ad channel and partner, and to see which campaign performs best in ensuring the purchase of a specific product.

How to activate the E-commerce tool

To activate e-commerce analytics, you may need the help of your website developer:

  1. Install a web counter on your website using a plugin or manually.

  2. Create a Data Layer for data transfer.

  3. Set up data transfer to MyTracker.

  4. Activate E-commerce tracking.

In addition to order and product analytics, MyTracker's E-commerce tool offers:

Quick start when switching from another system

MyTracker supports the DataLayer event marking-up used in Google Analytics 4 and Yandex Metrics, so when you switch from these systems, you won't have to mark up events again – once connected, our system will start collecting data automatically.

To make the most of the tracking capabilities, we recommend gradually implementing our proprietary mark-up after the switch. This will enable you to access all advanced features, such as transmitting multiple payments or order cancelations.

Transmitting multiple payments or order cancelations

MyTracker's E-commerce takes into account situations where returns are made in stages rather than all at once, thus making it possible to display the most accurate analytics.

For example, a customer who ordered five products on the website with payment upon receipt comes to the pick-up point and rejects two of them. After returning home, he tries them on and rejects two more items. As a result, the customer accepts only one item out of five.

All of this order data will be collected by the Expected Revenue and Lost Revenue metrics in the MyTracker interface.

Comprehensive analytics for mobile apps and websites

MyTracker can analyze more than just products and orders. We offer solutions to measure the performance of ad campaigns and protect them from fraud, analyze audience make-up and behavior, as well as forecast and collect revenue data from various sources.

To activate MyTracker, just sign up and insert the web counter into your website code. Following that, the system will start collecting data automatically.

Learn more about your business and make data-driven decisions in MyTracker.