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User Paths: a New Tool for User Journey Visualization

MyTracker introduces User Paths, a new free tool for analyzing user behavior on a website or mobile app. Businesses can analyze their users' behavior, filter audiences and learn the most popular journeys in different user segments.

The tool unlocks new opportunities for product analysts, product managers, marketers and UX researchers by enabling detailed exploration of user paths on a website or app.

Analyzing user behavior is now easier

Journeys is a new powerful product analytics tool designed to identify users' journeys before or after a specific event: viewing a page or performing other key actions.

The tool enables you to address business objectives such as:

For example, you can analyze user journeys up to placing an order and identify reasons why users don't make a purchase. The tool allows you to investigate where users go after closing the order form page and which sections of the project are more interesting for them.

Who needs to analyze user journeys

The Journeys tool is for anyone who cares about understanding how users navigate through a product and is interested in behavior analytics, for example:

Why Journeys is a great choice for visualizing the user journey

Cross-platform structure

Journeys can be built across the website or mobile app, as well as across platforms to evaluate user movement across the project.

Flexible and easy to use

Journeys in MyTracker provide a flexible and intuitive interface.

For easier user journey analysis, unnecessary events and pages can be hidden.

Use filters for more detailed analysis. This will help identify behavior patterns of users coming from a particular ad campaign or country, users of a particular age or gender.

Free functionality

Journeys in MyTracker is a free tool available to a wide audience.

Many birds, one stone

The tool provides detailed data on user journeys, identifies the most popular routes and maps the user journey, analyzes content funnels, reveals common behavior patterns, and reduces churn before key events.

Since developing and testing the Journeys, MyTracker has been actively using the tool to enhance the user experience and identify the causes of churn. The tool has worked perfectly in practice, so we are happy to share the new feature with you.

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