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Raw Data Export from MyTracker Now Made Even Easier

You no longer need an API to export raw data from MyTracker. Thanks to our new functionality, you can do this directly from the tracker interface.

You are spared the need to chase your programmer for any additional scripts for one-off exports. From now on, you can make a selection of data you need from the interface, export it directly (bypassing API requests), and start your analysis.

How to export raw data from MyTracker

Sign into MyTracker here.

In the Tools section, select Exports. Click Add and fill out the fields you need:

In the Fields block, choose the selectors that will be exported. The list of fields depends on the event: for example, if we want a report based on hits, the selector field will offer variables such as countries where the hits came from, relevant tracking links, etc.

Set up filters if desired. These might be helpful if you want to:

Click Start export.

For more details on each step, see our documentation.

How to manage exports

You can monitor the status of your exports, copy your settings, and download exports as CSV files.

This is what an exports list with statuses looks like:

To create a similar request, use the duplicate function. Choose the export you want to duplicate and click Duplicate export. After that, all fields in the form will be filled out automatically. Once the duplication is completed, you will need to select new dates for your export

To learn more about managing exports, see our documentation.

Who can use the raw data export function

It is already available to all MyTracker users that have a website or app with an integrated counter/SDK.

If you're already logged in, you can go directly to the data export section.

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