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Update: Malicious IP Addresses Metric Now Available in Fraud Scanner

MyTracker is continuously enhancing its systems to combat fraud. Recently, we have added:

Our newest addition to MyTracker is the Malicious IP Addresses metric. It serves to help identify mobile app installations and website sessions that originate from data centers flagged as sources of fraudulent attacks or spam.

How the Malicious IP Addresses metric works

The Malicious IP Addresses metric is part of the efforts to detect and block three types of general invalid traffic (GIVT):

To implement the Malicious IP Addresses metric, the Fraud Scanner’s team has compiled a comprehensive database of data center IP addresses. It covers the addresses that fraudsters use for spam attacks, those associated with search engine bots, and addresses exhibiting suspicious activity.

In Fraud Scanner, each installation or session is assessed individually using the Malicious IP Addresses metric and a variety of other filters applied automatically.

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