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Identifying & Tracking High-Quality Leads with Lead Scoring Expert Gary Amaral

We all want more customers, and for many businesses, that means more leads. And, just as importantly, it should mean high-quality leads.

For any businesses that have a lead generation and nurturing process, it’s crucial to know how to identify, track, and optimize for quality leads that are more likely to convert, convert fast, and/or convert at higher values.

No one knows the importance of successfully identifying and tracking high-quality leads like Gary Amaral, Co-Founder and CMO of lead scoring tool Breadcrumbs. So today, we’ve compiled some of the best advice that Gary had to offer about lead quality, and attracting and optimizing for stronger leads.

Gary Amaral is the Co-Founder and CMO of Breadcrumbs, a revenue acceleration platform based on a co-dynamic lead scoring and routing engine living at the intersection of marketing and sales. Gary has extensive experience as a change agent, and creative marketer focused on measurable results, accomplished at developing and implementing high-impact strategies.

Why It’s Not Just About Lead Quantity

So many businesses focus on the sheer number of leads entering the pipeline, but that approach isn’t quite correct.

According to Gary, you need lead quality and quantity for long-term success and scalability.

You need to look at your sales data to see whether you have quantity or quality, or both (or, in a worst-case scenario, neither).

Why You Need to Track the Entire Customer Journey

It’s easy to get stuck in the idea that you should focus most on a few aspects of the customer journey, whether it’s customer discovery or acquisition, but tracking the entire customer journey is essential.

Gary actually said that thinking one part of the path to conversion was more important than the rest was one of the biggest mistakes that customers made.

He explained the importance of tracking the entire customer journey.

The entire customer experience is important, from discovery all the way to retention— and it’s just as important to track what happens at each stage to best understand how you can optimize that journey for the types of customers you want to reach.

Knowing How to Identify High-Value Leads

In order to best track high-value leads, you first need to be able to identify them. A combination of demographic fit and high-intent actions are crucial to identifying leads and understanding who is actually most likely to convert.

Assessing Fit

When it comes to identifying strong leads, finding prospects that align with your core audience personas or ideal customer profiles (ICPs) is a good first step.

By tracking the fit of your current customers, you can also learn a great deal about who your business is actually reaching, too.

Recognizing High-Value Activities

Regardless of fit, there are some actions that users take when they’re more likely to convert, or at least heavily considering it.

The high-intent actions will vary based on the type of business. Subscribing to an email or adding an item to a cart, for example, is a great indicator for an eCommerce business. Booking a demo is huge for SaaS brands.

Sometimes, though, identifying high-intent actions can be challenging.

Using specialized tools— including behavior tracking through web analytics with behavior tracking or lead scoring— can help you see typical paths to conversion and flag different actions that are ultimately a strong signal of intent, whether they’re obvious or not.

How to Optimize the Customer Journey to Drive High-Intent Actions from Strong Leads

Once you’ve identified high-intent actions or signals of valuable leads, you can start to optimize your customer journey to encourage more of those actions. Data plays a central role in all of this.

And when it comes to optimization, data is a good start but you’ll also need to be patient with testing different strategies and tactics.

    Final Thoughts

    While so many businesses focus on generating as many leads as possible, casting as wide of a net as possible, knowing how to identify and track high value prospects is essential for the long-term scaling of your business. You can have marketing, product, and (if relevant) sales teams cater to those customers, even solidifying your place in the market accordingly.

    In order to do this, remember that accurate, up-to-date and high-quality data is the most important thing you need here. With the right web analytics tools and data analytics software, you’ll be off to a good start.

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