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MyTracker’s Insights: New Free Tool to Analyze Audiences’ Interests

MyTracker has launched the Insights dashboard, a new free tool that helps analyze the interests and social profiles of your website's or app’s audiences.

Gain insights into the interests and social profiles of your audience

With MyTracker’s Insights dashboard, you can quickly and easily analyze the interests of your audience, including websites, online stores, and social media groups they visit.

Currently, there are more than 30 interest categories available, such as cars, business, finance, and more.

Also, the tool makes it possible to analyze the social profile of users of a mobile app or website. Parameters such as employment, marital status, and academic level can be tracked using machine learning models that gather data from public sources.

audience employment education status

Refine your target audiences, adjust ad campaigns, and monitor changes in user interests

MyTracker’s Insights can help you:

Get a more accurate picture of your audience. Although you can use a specific set of user characteristics to plan ad campaigns and profile your target audience, in reality your product may appeal to users with different preferences.

For instance, when getting ready to launch an online store that sells power tools, you may see your target audience as married men aged 34–45, involved in construction or running their own workshop or living in a private house. However, after launching your website, you may discover that it also attracts car owners and small business owners who are looking for tools for their own needs. With MyTracker's Insights, you can refine your understanding of your audience.

Evaluate your traffic quality based on user interests and adjust your ad campaigns accordingly. Effective advertising should attract users who are interested in your products and content. In reality that is not always the case.

For example, as you monitor your campaign targeted at male car owners, you may find that most of your traffic comes from users interested in travel. This could indicate that something is wrong with your targeting settings or ad creatives.

Monitor changes in user interests and promptly adjust your content. This is especially important for news websites, blogs, and products that rely on trends.

For instance, you may notice that your readers’ interest in finance is shifting to business ownership. This could be a sign that your financial literacy articles have helped some of your audience accumulate enough capital to start their own business, and you can now add a section on business management.

audience interests dynamics

How to Use Audience Insights

Use case 1: Adjusting ad campaigns

After launching new ad campaigns and testing new ad channels, the advertiser’s team saw a rise in CPA and a drop in conversion both on the website and in the mobile app.

To address this, they can use MyTracker's Insights to easily compare the interests of their active audience with those of new audience (users attracted by the ad campaigns).

new vs active audience

Use case 2: Targeting ad campaigns

The team of project X plans to purchase social media advertising and use interest-based targeting.

With MyTracker's Insights, they can identify the interests of the project’s active audience and use them to refine the targeting parameters. This way, ads will be displayed to users who are more likely to engage with the product, without wasting the advertising budget.

Make safe and accurate data-driven decisions about your audience engagement strategies

With MyTracker's Insights, you can:

The Insights tool provides randomized data obtained through ML models that do not compromise the confidentiality and security of user data while giving accurate and valuable insights into audience interests.

How to start using MyTracker’s Insights

MyTracker's Insights is a free tool available to all MyTracker users.

If you are already using MyTracker, simply go to the Dashboard section.

If you do not have a MyTracker account yet, you can register using the form below and install the SDK (for mobile apps) or add a web counter (for websites).

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