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Creating a Website Audience Profile with MyTracker

Our previous article, What is Web Analytics: The Beginner’s Guide 2023, briefly touches on the importance of analyzing website audiences. Now let’s take a closer look at audience profiling and using MyTracker reports to obtain valuable information about your website visitors.

Why creating your audience profile is essential

Analyzing the audience is an important step in website development and optimization. Understanding who your visitors are, how they are using your website, and what they are interested in enables you to design a strategy tailored to the needs and expectations of your audience.

For instance, you want to add a specific product category to your website or post a new article. However, the results of the audience analysis may lead you to the conclusion that it is unlikely to be popular with the users.

Knowing your visitors and customers helps you choose the right development strategy for your project and make your decisions more effective.

Gathering your audience data

To start analyzing your audience, simply register with MyTracker and add the web counter to your website. After that, MyTracker will begin automatically collecting available information about the active audience of your website and display it in various reports.

Website audience analysis tools in MyTracker

Once the counter has been added, you can use the MyTracker tools to analyze your website’s audience. They will help you create a social and demographic profile of your active audience and answer the question, “Who visits my website?” These tools include:

Audience Stats dashboard: insights into the gender, age, and location of your audience

The Audience Stats dashboard provides quick access to information about the social and demographic characteristics of users, such as:

It also includes DAU, MAU, session duration, and a list of the most popular pages on your website.

To view the dashboard, select Audience Overview in the sidebar menu, specify your website, choose the analysis period, or apply other filters as necessary.

Example audience profile in the Audience Overview dashboard

The dashboard shows that the website’s active user base predominantly consists of women (64.5%), aged between 25 and 34 (30.7%) and living in Russia (83%).

For a more in-depth understanding of your audience, including insights into user geography, you can create a customized report using the Report Builder. We’ll discuss this tool in more detail below. For now, let's explore MyTracker’s dashboards, which provide a quick overview of the audience data.

Insights dashboard: a snapshot of user interests

The Insights dashboard provides information about the interests and social status of your users.

audience employment

Example audience profile in the Insights dashboard

The dashboard shows that the majority of active users are employed (69.8%) and hold a higher education degree (61.5%); their interests include clothes, shoes and accessories, furniture and interior, as well as sports and active recreation.

Our current audience profile: predominantly females (64.5%), aged between 25 and 34 (30.7%), living in Russia (83%), employed (69.8%), with a higher education degree (61.5%) and interest in clothes, shoes and accessories, furniture and interior, as well as sports and active recreation.

These insights along with the Audience Overview data provide a springboard for developing effective marketing strategies and launching targeted ad campaigns. We can have a more detailed audience profile if we add information about user devices.

Devices dashboard: find out what devices users are accessing your website with

This dashboard provides information about your user's operating system, browser, and device type.

audience by device type

Example audience profile in the Devices dashboard

The dashboard shows that the majority of website visitors access the website via desktop computers (63.6%) running on Windows OS (62.6%) and using the Chrome browser (73.2%).

These insights will help you finetune your targeted ads and identify priority areas for website development. For example, you can use this information to decide what needs to be optimized first – the mobile or the desktop version of the website.

Report Builder: in-depth audience analysis

MyTracker’s dashboards are a great way to quickly visualize your active audience’s profile. But the most valuable insights can be gained with the Report Builder, which enables you to create more detailed reports.

It can be helpful when you are looking to segment your audience by region or location, device manufacturer and model, marital status, and many other criteria.

Report Builder: use case

We have an online store and are considering adding a children’s clothing category. Let's find out if our audience includes users with children and add this information to the audience profile. To do that, go to the Report Builder and select the relevant settings: “Active Users, (u)” and “Parental status”.

MyTracker allows us to gather stats not only based on devices but also on authorized users. This enables us to accurately determine the number of users and conduct cross-platform analysis. We covered this in our article Devices vs. Users: A New Level of Ad Campaign Analytics in MyTracker.

Once we have selected the desired settings, we click on the “Calculate” button.

active audience profile

The report shows that the majority of website visitors have children. This information, along with other data about our visitors (women aged 25–34), suggests we can consider tweaking our product offering to better suit the interests and needs of this audience segment and adding a children's clothing category to our product range.

The comprehensive audience profile will be as follows:

This information can help us shape or refine our marketing strategy and determine the next steps in product development.

So far, we have been examining the active audience of the website as a whole rather than specific user groups who have performed a particular action. Now, let’s create a profile of users who make purchases on the website more frequently than others.

To analyze the behavior of user groups on the website, we can use the Segments tool.

Segments tool for profiling specific user groups

Let’s navigate to the Segments tool. Here, you can divide users into groups based on specified parameters and conduct a deeper analysis of the audience. To do this, follow these steps:

audience profile

Once you have selected the segment, click Calculate.

The resulting report will show the gender of users who have been included in the previously created segment and have shown activity within the selected period. For example, the above report reveals that men made more purchases in July than women.

For further guidance on how to effectively segment your audience, have a look at our article titled “4 Smart Ways to Identify Audience Segments in Your App Users”.

Analyzing your audience with MyTracker

With the help of MyTracker’s dashboards such as Audience Overview, Insights, and Devices, you can quickly create a profile of your website's audience and leverage this data to launch effective ad campaigns and devise strategic plans.

Use the Report Builder to have a more detailed audience profile and the Segments tool to identify specific audience groups and monitor their behavior on your website.

All these MyTracker tools are free and available to new users immediately after they register and add the web counter.

Infographic. Audience profile questionnaire

Use the data from MyTracker reports to fill in the fields and create a comprehensive profile of your audience. Download and print the infographics for easy access to audience information whenever you need it.

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