8 Best Mobile Analytics Tools of 2021

Top 8 mobile analytics tools you don't want to miss! From Swiss army knives to specialized services to help you grow your app's potential.

3 Easy Steps to Predicting App Revenue Based on SKAdNetwork Data

Learn how to predict app revenue based on SKAdNetwork data when classic mobile marketing analytics tools no longer work: 3 easy steps with screenshots!

Predictive Analytics and SKAdNetwork | How to Predict LTV in iOS 14.5+

In this article, we will explain LTV’s significance for your business, discuss SKAdNetwork’s impact on the mobile ad market, and talk about various LTV forecasting solutions for the new reality.

The Quest to Retain Users | 5 Strategies to Retain Players in Mobile Games

5 tried-and-tested methods to boost player retention: rewards, tutorials, push notifications, friends and community, and more!

Retention 101: Learning How Well Your App Can Retain Users

Here's all you need to know about retention in apps: retention rate benchmarks, retention across different app categories, how to calculate and interpret your app retention rate, and more!

All You Need to Know About How to Soft Launch a Game App

There's no way you can find out about users’ responses to your mobile game, its revenue stream, and overall success before it is released. However, there is a soft launch at your disposal – risk-free and cost-effective preliminary testing. Let’s dive right in.

Types of Mobile Ad Fraud and Mobile Fraud Metrics

All you need to know about the five types of mobile ad fraud (click flooding, click injection, bots, prohibited traffic, and SDK spoofing) and how to identify fraud using special fraud metrics.

    App Deep Linking 101: How It Works & What You Need to Know

    App deep linking works a little differently from your standard easy-breezy site hyperlink, and in this post, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about how it all works.

    How to Make the Most of Your In-app Subscriptions

    In this article, we'll walk you through 4 easy steps towards a successful subscription and explain how to measure subscription efficiency.

    3 Types of Metrics to Detect Bots in Mobile Apps & How to Use Them

    All you need to know about detecting bots in mobile apps in our guide!

    Top 10 Questions about the iOS 14.5 Update

    What is the percentage of IDFA opt-ins post-iOS 14.5 update? How do I calculate the actual opt-in rate? Are there examples of good pre-prompt screen settings? The myTracker team has gathered data on actual user experience with ATT and is sharing it now!

    The 10 Worst Fraud Scenarios in E-commerce Apps

    Only 60% of internet traffic is human, with the remainder generated by various bots. Learn about different types of e-commerce fraud to take adequate measures to improve your earnings and boost your app’s efficiency.

    How to Optimize Your iOS 14.5 Update Strategy with Pre-Permission Prompts

    Pre-permission prompts are our best (and in some ways, only) option for increasing the number of users who will allow for data tracking post-iOS 14.5 update. In this post, we’re going to discuss how to optimize your iOS 14.5 strategy with pre-permission prompts for best success. 

    6 Methods for Boosting User Engagement in Mobile Apps

    Getting users to spend more time in your app is often easier said than done. This post looks at 6 tried and tested methods for boosting in-app engagement.

    How to Monetize Mobile Games Though In-App Purchases

    Succeeding with in-app purchases as a primary game app monetization strategy requires a careful touch. This post looks at the best ways to monetize mobile games with in-app purchases, maximizing profit without driving users away.

    iOS 14.5: experts from popular apps share their experience of working with ATT

    We asked four popular app and mobile advertising industry experts about their expectations of the upcoming iOS 14.5 release, solutions they plan to use, predictions as to UA activity, and forthcoming adjustments to their marketing strategies.

    2021 App Monetization Guide: The Tips & Strategies You Need to Test

    There are multiple routes to app monetization, giving brands and developers plenty of options when it comes to ways to make a profit. In this post, we’re going to go over everything that you need to know about app monetization in 2021, including trends in the industry, monetization strategies and when to use them, and tools that can help.

    10 Tips & Tricks to Master Push Notifications in Mobile Games

    Looking for ways to retain users, fight churn, collect feedback, and increase sales? Here's everything mobile game developers and marketers need to master push notifications.

    How to Protect Gaming Apps from Fraud in 2021

    This article will walk you through 4 easy steps towards detecting and reporting mobile fraud using the Fraud Scanner tool by myTracker.

    10 Key Metrics That Mobile Game Developers Should Track

    Apart from having the most potential, mobile gaming is also the most challenging niche in the mobile application market.  Here are the 10 relevant metrics that help game developers and analysts measure the effectiveness of their efforts and increase product value.

    10 Key Mobile Game App Metrics

    How to Improve Your Web and Mobile Rankings

    A hundred different paths, including social networks, contextual advertising, direct and affiliate links, and search engines, lead users to websites and apps. All these traffic sources can be roughly divided into organic and non-organic.

    This article addresses:

    • The difference between organic and non-organic traffic
    • SEO and ASO best practices
    • How keywords, backlinks, and other ranking parameters work
    • How myTracker can help you with app optimization

    Churn: What It Is and How App Developers Can Minimize It

    As a mobile app developer, how do you make sure there are more new users than those who leave? 

    The key metric for measuring this is the churn rate. This article will explain the nature of churn, how to calculate it, and reduce your app’s churn rate.

    Finances in myTracker: metrics and the way they work

    Mobile analytics is the easiest way to see how your strategy is performing. How much do you earn from new users as compared to your advertising costs?

    How reattribution works in myTracker

    After an app is installed, users often become dormant or even uninstall it from their devices. Dedicated campaigns are initiated to return such users, including push notifications, retargeting and mailouts. In this case, attribution turns into reattribution.

    How myTracker helps you monitor ad costs

    Gathering and analysing ad costs have never been easier with myTracker's single interface. A real time saver, it will spare you the effort of downloading data manually from multiple sources to consolidate into a spreadsheet. All needed data are already in myTracker. All it takes is specifying the ad rates, and you gain insight into your overall ad costs and key performance metrics such as ROI and ARPU.

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