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Export User Segments with High Churn Prediction Rates

Attracting a new user is five times more expensive than retaining one. 

To make managing churn easier for you, MyTracker offers a solution to retain users who are likely to quit.

An Updated Solution to Reduce Churn

Before the update, you could divide users into groups (segments) to see which ones are more likely to cease using your app and when it might happen.

Now, in addition to that, you can export data with user IDs, which gives you a powerful tool to manage churn effectively and with more precision. For example, you can offer premium days to users who are about to quit. For those less likely to leave, a couple of free in-game coins or a simple push notification would probably do the trick.

Export user IDs directly from MyTracker via the Export API or use the RAW API in case you need additional device data. Read more about churn prediction and data export in our documentation.

Segment export is only available to account owners. This way we can make sure your data stay safe while you work with contractors.

churn forecast
Churn predictions are based on machine learning, which sometimes results in understating the number of users who are about to quit. But we are 100% sure about those actually marked as such.

With MyTracker, you can forecast churn rates for periods of 7, 14, 21 or 28 days after app installation. Be proactive to retain users and boost your app’s growth.

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