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Churn Prediction Now in MyTracker

Data suggests that attracting a new user is five times more expensive than retaining one. It is well within your power to keep existing users, and this is where our churn prediction will help.

Why does churn prediction matter?

With churn prediction, you can optimize ad campaigns and adjust your product to retain users.

Why is it hard to predict churn by yourself?

There are three key stumbling blocks here:

  1. Lack of experts capable of building a strong prediction model.
  2. Lack of data required to make the model accurate.
  3. Lack of time to keep the model working and relevant.

Churn prediction in MyTracker

Churn prediction is a tool to measure the motivation and loyalty of users joining your app through a particular ad campaign or traffic source.

Our predictive models are based on a billion user actions (opening the app, session actions, in-app activity, use of payments). MyTracker’s machine learning algorithms predict the behavior of millions of users based on the data accumulated for each user. And our churn prediction is available for your projects from the first days of MyTracker’s use.

Churn prediction in MyTracker allows you to:

  1. Monitor your app's traffic quality in terms of expected user lifetime.
  2. Drop ads attracting disloyal users.
  3. Optimize ad campaigns to attract the most relevant audience.
  4. Perform cohort analysis, find out why certain groups of users have a higher churn rate, and seek ways to address this problem.

To forecast churn, select “Churn” in MyTracker’s Builder and then go to “LT Churn Prediction”. Don't forget to specify the time frame, which can be 7, 14, 21, or 28 days.

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