Multi-platform analytics – now in MyTracker

Great news! We have added visitor tracking for websites to MyTracker. With this new feature, you are now empowered with product analytics across multiple platforms – not only for apps, but also for websites. This won't cost you anything extra. No caps on time periods, number of websites or number of users.

What you get

From now on, you will be able to:

And more importantly, you will now be able to see all key metrics across multiple platforms — app and web data combined or separately by platform as appropriate.

This brings you a step closer to better understanding your customers, their issues and needs, and more efficiently managing product economics. Start monitoring and analysing data, with our tracking service being always on hand to adjust your goals and optimise the path to achieving them.

How to activate website tracking

It will only take you ten minutes to get started. Here is how to get your website tracked:

1. Add the relevant platform (apart from iOS and Android) to the existing or new project in MyTracker.

2. Generate and embed counter in your website, unless this has been done earlier.

Where to view results

Web data view, including a cross-platform view, is available from:

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