A set of advanced analytics tools by myTracker to access your apps "future" data

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LTV forecast
based on each revenue source:

• In-app Purchases
• In-app Subscriptions
• Ad Monetisation

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80–90% prediction

myTracker analyses thousands of user actions and millions of in-app events to automatically predict the expected revenue. It teaches an individual set of models for each app to select the best possible combination.

Drilling down to
the user level

myTracker predicts LTV with a breakdown by country, mediasource or campaign and can be drilled down to a specific user. Different prediction horizons – 30, 60, 90, or 180 days – allow for more precise product management and help adjust expectations.

Optimising your
ad campaign from
the very beginning

myTracker leverages the patterns identified in historical and current data sets and provides predictions the very next day after you launch your ad campaign. Be ahead of the game by disabling ineffective traffic sources, saving money and time for actual data accumulation.

Predicting who
will pay more

Predictive LTV metrics will show you the income to be generated by each user cohort. You will promptly find the right audience, minimise your costs and acquire more valuable customers.

Average prediction accuracy