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Google Ads: Costs, Clicks & Impressions for Web Placements + SKAdNetwork Conversion Data now in MyTracker!

Costs, Impressions and Clicks for Web Placements


MyTracker users only had access to data on mobile placements in Google Ads. This rendered analytics ineffective for those owning a website but not an app, and restricted the range of ad campaign data for those who had both.


Advertisers who place website ads in Google Ads can now access their campaign data via MyTracker. This will help effectively manage both mobile and web placements, conduct comprehensive assessments of ad campaign performance, speed up data collection for reporting purposes, and simplify overall channel management.

SKAdNetwork Conversion Data and Values


Apple’s updated privacy policy and embedding of SKAdNetwork on iOS 14.5+ undermined the accuracy with which iPhone and iPad app owners could track traffic sources that led to app installs. As a result, marketing budgets on Google Ads had to be operated with certain constraints.


Thanks to the SKAdNetwork-attributed conversion data from iOS 14.5+ devices without IDFA, MyTracker users can now manage the efficiency of their ad placements on Google Ads across iOS devices.

google skadnetwork conversion

Enabling Integration

To configure data import from Google Ads, follow the instructions on our website

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