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9 Best Mobile Analytics Tools of 2023

The mobile app market is growing, with smartphone users spending 88% of their mobile time within apps and Google Play and the App Store adding roughly 100,000 and 30,000 new apps each month, respectively. In 2021, worldwide mobile app revenues will be around USD 582 bn.

As a result of this growth, competition in the market is becoming stiffer. Merely acquiring a customer no longer cuts it – now you also need to ensure a positive user experience, take care not to flood them with ads and pop-ups, and process feedback. 

Those who want to capture and retain audiences have to juggle numerous puzzle pieces while making sure marketing and product metrics are always growing.

In this article, we review a number of tools, from “Swiss army knives” to specialized services, to help you optimize your app and grow its business side.


MyTracker is an analytics system for mobile apps and websites featuring a set of free tools: marketing and product analytics, predictive analytics, and fraud protection.

Website: tracker.my.com

Focus on: product and marketing analytics, ad fraud, predicitve analytics, cross-platform app & web analytics 

Pricing: free, additional premium functions available

Features to note

Attribution and marketing

MyTracker is compatible with all major advertising platforms and partners, while also allowing you to add your own platforms. The system features over 200 report metrics, with no restrictions on the number of custom events or data storage.

MyTracker marketing and attribution
MyTracker’s Report Constructor is a tool for generating analytical reports with the help of a wide array of metrics and filters.

Product analytics

The MyTracker UI gives you a choice between preconfigured dashboards or creating your own detailed reports on all platforms and projects. It also allows for flexibility in audience segmentation and export to other analytics systems for custom reports.

MyTracker can also create user journey funnels, complete with charts and flexible custom event functionality that can be as in-depth and extensive as you want.

User paths is MyTracker's powerful product analytics tool designed to identify users' journeys before or after a specific event: viewing a page or performing other key actions.

MyTracker's User Paths

ML-based Recommendations

MyTracker Personalize can create personalized recommendations for specific audience segments. This enables you to entice users with individual offers, lists of assorted goods, or subscriptions in real time.

The service automatically selects optimally priced goods for a specific user or segment and then generates a report on the effectiveness of the recommendations.

Predictive analytics

One of MyTracker’s free functions is a prediction of revenue and churn for a period of 30 days to 2 years and with the accuracy of up to 90%. This feature leverages machine learning algorithms that analyze millions of user actions and app events. Results can be broken down by country, partner, and campaign, going as far down as a specific segment.

MyTracker LTV forecasts
LTV forecasts become available the next day after the campaign launch, which right off the bat gives you a sense of the revenue each user cohort is going to generate and allows you to cut costs and attract audiences with high purchasing power.

Fraud protection

MyTracker's Fraud Scanner protects apps and websites from all types of ad fraud, pre and post install: click spamming and click flooding, bots and virtual machines, post-install fraud and fraudulent payments.

Fraud Scanner
Fraud Scanner comes free with MyTracker and screens all installs using a large number of fraud metrics and indicators.

App Annie

Trusted by more than 1 million users, App Annie is the leading global provider of mobile data and analytics.

Website: appannie.com

Focus on: app market data, top charts, trend analysis

Pricing: free and premium

Features to note

Mobile intelligence

App Annie collects data across app stores, ad networks, and other sources and consolidates them into reports and charts by category.

mobile analytics tools app Annie
The collected data can be used to carry out market research and choose the app’s strategic direction based on the evaluation of competitor campaigns, user feedback, and top monetization practices.

Data aggregation across ad platforms

App Annie aggregates data on ad revenue, in-app purchases, and ad spend from over 400 ad platforms and other services in one place to empower app owners and marketing experts to spring into action and drive revenue whenever threats or opportunities arise.

mobile analytics tools free
Pivot data by sum, average, and percentage change to identify areas of growth or divestment.

Data collection across ad networks

With 40+ sources to select from, App Annie aggregates app performance data and various statistics into one comprehensive platform. No API or SDK integration required.


Amplitude is a product analytics system providing a deeper understanding of customer interaction with the product.

Website: amplitude.com

Focus on: product analytics and customer experience optimization

Pricing: a free plan and several premium ones

Features to note

Product analytics

Amplitude offers a deep dive into customer behavior through key metric dashboards and fast access to A/B test results along with user journey analytics comprising data from several devices or products.

mobile application analytics tool
With Amplitude dashboards, you can view behaviors, measure key indicators, analyze user journeys and manage funnels.

Amplitude Recommend

Amplitude employs behavior analytics and machine learning models to segment the audience and create personalized offers, which can be used in targeted ads and email newsletters or applied to optimize product ranking and recommendations within an app.

mobile data analytics tools
Amplitude Recommend enables you to personalize every user experience and leverage machine learning to find the optimal solution for every customer.

Advanced A/B tests

Amplitude uses behavioral segmentation of the audience to quickly test product updates without data science teams lifting a finger.

mobile app analytics tools in 2021
You can run A/B testing across several platforms and view the results in real time.


Firebase is a Google tool for building, releasing and promoting mobile apps. It does support iOS, but it’s best fit for Android.

Website: firebase.google.com

Focus on: app fine-tuning and testing, customer experience optimization

Pricing: a free minimum plan is available, which requires payment if certain limits, such as cloud storage or daily testing, are exceeded

Features to note


Firebase offers real-time crash reporting. The timeline of events that led to a crash helps pinpoint the root cause faster, while the integration with Slack, Jira, and other crash-tracking and task management tools enables you to set priorities in troubleshooting.

best mobile apps analytics tools
Firebase sends real-time crash reports to always keep the developers and owners aware of any app faults.

Remote Config

Firebase allows you to dynamically manage your app’s behavior and appearance, specifically, enable and disable certain functions, personalize them by audience cohorts, and run A/B tests without the need to build a complex infrastructure or release a new version.

mobile analytics tools comparison
New app values are downloaded from the cloud to user devices when they start your app. This helps promptly correct misprints and change the app layout for seasonal or one-off promos. Moreover, it unlocks great opportunities for testing.


GameAnalytics is a dedicated analytics platform that helps developers improve everything about their games.

Website: gameanalytics.com

Focus on: analytics and mobile game optimization

Pricing: free product analytics, paid data export, and several plans for industry analytics

Features to note


GameAnalytics has launched its own platform on mobile games, providing industry insights and detailed metrics for top released games and allowing you to benchmark your game against them.

free mobile analytics tools
GameIntel shows the trending games, as well as their average session frequency and retention rates.


GameAnalytics enables you to run A/B tests and roll out changes without needing to push out new builds and app store updates.

mobile app analytics tools
With GameOps, you can change the game difficulty for users who get stuck at a certain level and thus optimize your retention. This is just one of many possible scenarios.


UXCam provides app experience analytics, empowering mobile teams with fast, contextual, and high-fidelity insights.

Website: uxcam.com

Focus on: analytics and customer experience optimization

Pricing: free, premium, and enterprise plans

Features to note

Session Recording

UXCam offers a tool to record app sessions, which can be replayed and analyzed using filters such as Device, Time, and UX Issue.

mobile app analytics tools comparison
You can make comments on sessions and share them and respective recording timecodes with your team via the system chat.

Heatmap Analytics

UXCam provides more in-depth data on the efficiency of your UI elements. You can analyze entry and exit points across all devices and app versions and fix UI issues with rage and unresponsive tap heatmaps to improve the user experience before your users grow frustrated.

mobile marketing analytics tools
The system identifies the device, app version, screen orientation, and specific gestures (double tap, long press, or swipe), which are sufficient to understand what scenario causes trouble for the user.

User Analytics

With UXCam, you can follow the in-app user journey through chronological session replays and tracking user activity in different app sections. This is a useful tool to identify bottlenecks and improve funnels.

mobile game analytics tools
User Analytics With UXCam, you can follow the in-app user journey through chronological session replays and tracking user activity in different app sections. This is a useful tool to identify bottlenecks and improve funnels.

Apple App Analytics

App Analytics is part of App Store Connect, a tool for releasing and managing apps in the App Store.

Website: developer.apple.com/app-store-connect/analytics

Focus on: App Store app analytics

Pricing: free

Features to note

App Analytics

Apple App Analytics provides detailed stats for all key app metrics in the App Store: the number of downloads, sessions and paying users, the performance of your marketing campaigns, and sources of traffic.

mobile web analytics tools
Apple App Analytics also shows crash and deletion data by app and operating system version, which help pinpoint the potential causes of drop-offs and improve user experience.

Sales and Trends

Apple App Analytics allows you to view the number of active paid subscribers, find out the reasons a subscription has been canceled, and forecast the app’s daily revenue.

top mobile analytics tools
You can filter data by date ranges, transaction types, subscription offerings, territories, and other metrics.


Interceptd is a tool for protecting the marketing budget from fraudulent spend and increasing the ad ROI.

Website: interceptd.com

Focus on: mobile fraud prevention

Pricing: a paid service with a 2-week free trial

Features to note

Real-Time Fraud Prevention

Interceptd offers fraud prevention based on deterministic and probabilistic data analysis. It features automated blocking of fraudulent traffic sources and blacklisting of sub-publishers.

top mobile app analytics tools
Interceptd provides campaign summaries with strong evidence of budget interception to communicate with your supply partners.

Influencer Analytics

Interceptd knows how to detect fake followers and engagement on influencer pages. It also allows you to detect keywords used and competitors previously mentioned by the influencer and generate secure links with inbuilt UTM tags.

fraud prevention tools
Use the dashboard to measure the reach, engagement, and click performance of influencer campaigns, benchmark the results and explore the best influencers to fit your campaign.


AppMagic is a platform for mobile apps market analysis that offers a large selection of tools for complex problems solutions.

Website: https://appmagic.rocks

Focus on: app market data, top charts, trend analysis

Pricing: free and premium adjustable subscription

Tag system

The company manually classifies apps based on genre, setting, and art style, which eliminates any errors that may arise from automation.

app magic tags

Top Trending

Top Trending is a tool that is tailor-made to quickly identify fastest growing apps and hidden gems.

app magic top trending

Market Segment & Market Segment Comparison

The two dashboards tackle two important tasks: comparing the overall market sizes of different niches and checking the composition of top-performers within each market segment, which helps to decide if a niche is worth entering.

Similarity graph

Similarity Graph is a tool for identifying not-so-obvious competitors of the reference app.

app magic similarity graph

Advanced Search

Advanced search provides users with an opportunity to find apps that fall under many criteria at once (e.g. presence of certain keyword combinations, publisher HQ & size, genre, etc.).

app magic tool

Final Thoughts

We went over nine mobile analytics services and tools that will help you optimize the product and marketing metrics of your app, improve user experience, and safeguard your ad budgets from fraud.

Based on a project, you can either use a versatile analytics system or combine several specialized services. Take charge of your app growth and supercharge your business.

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