Pre-installs tracking: now in MyTracker!

Application pre-installation by the device manufacturer or retailer is a fairly popular way of distributing applications.

Thanks to these pre-installs, you can immediately get a large number of users without resorting to online promotion methods. Your app is on the device even before it goes on sale and in the hands of the new owner. Thus, after a purchase, a new user immediately has access to your product.

It is possible to conclude a contract for distribution through pre-installations either directly with the manufacturer / vendor, or through one of the third-party sites that cooperate with them.

Pre-installs are a good alternative to online mobile app promotion. But how effective can it be for you? Are the costs of the contract with the manufacturer justified? What percentage of users open the app? How long does she keep working with him? How are these users different from others who downloaded the application themselves?

To test this, all pre-installed app activations must be properly attributed.

From now on, MyTracker allows you to track the activations of pre-installed applications using the data that is transmitted using the tracker indentificator. You will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of promotion by pre-installs, to understand what advantages and disadvantages it has in your case.

With MyTracker, you can track both the short-term results of such a promotion (users have opened your application) and long-term results - how people who came to your product through pre-installs use it further, whether there are any peculiarities in their behavior in the product.

Why is pre-installs tracking important?

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