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Free Facebook attribution for Android now available in MyTracker

Starting October 29, Facebook has restricted user-level attribution data for advertisers.

However, it also introduced a new attribution option for Android installs – Google Install Referrer. This new tool fully meets the latest confidentiality requirements for user data.

Information retrieved through Google Install Referrer contains:

facebook app install attribution
This is how data transferred by Facebook to Google Install Referrer may look. Screenshot from Facebook documentation.

When a Facebook ad directs users to Google Play Store, advertisers can now retrieve the click data for traffic attribution and ad campaign analytics.

MyTracker has supported this new attribution tool so that its users can attribute Facebook-triggered installs on Android free of charge.

It is important to remember that Facebook transfers data to Google Install Referrer in an encrypted form. In order to decipher this information, you have to add an Install Referrer Decryption Key from the Facebook Developer Portal to the MyTracker interface.

How to get your Install Referrer Decryption Key

1. Go to the Facebook Developer Portal.

2. Click on My Apps in the upper right side of the page.

3. Choose the app for which you would like to get a decryption key.

4. Go to Settings in the left-hand side menu and click on Basic.

5. Scroll the page down to the Android App Store section, where you will find the Install Referrer Decryption Key. The value in this line is the key you need.

Facebook attribution

How to add your Install Referrer Decryption Key to MyTracker

1. Add the key to the MyTracker interface by choosing the app for which the key was received.

2. Save the key.

facebook app install attribution

Once MyTracker detects data from Facebook in Google Install Referrer, the system will be able to decrypt the information and attribute installs on Android. This will give you an opportunity to break down Facebook installs by advertising campaigns and ads, for free, directly in the MyTracker interface for Android.

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