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Updated VK Ads integration: iOS re-engagement campaigns without IDFAs and reliable cross-device targeting

The new Ecosystem Integration between MyTracker and VK Ads now allows you to retarget app or website audiences across all platforms, regardless of advertising IDs.

ID-less audience lists for advertising

Using MyTracker's Audiences tool, you can send user lists based on device IDs to advertising platforms.

However, advertiser ID-based lists have been growing less and less sufficient for accurate targeting in recent years. The decline in tracking accuracy has made it more challenging to re-engage inactive audiences with ads.

The new integration type allows using audiences in VK Ads campaigns without relying on advertising identifiers. .

More effective iOS campaigns and Cross-Device targeting

You can now target or exclude iOS users, even when the IDFA is not collected.

The new integration also allows you to reach your audience on any platform (mobile or web), regardless of the segment source.

Adding the Integration

If you have existing audiences in MyTracker, you can add the new integration without creating new ones.,

Previously set up integrations will continue working based on advertiser ID lists.

If you have not created audiences yet, see our documentation.

When adding integration with the VK Ads + myTarget partner, you can now choose between Ecosystem and Standard integration type:

iOS audiences without idfa

Using the Audiences tool for VK Ads is now available to all our customers free of charge.

Tags: attribution marketing analytics