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MyTracker’s New Feature: Audiences

Audiences is a new tool that allows you to automatically send audience segments to advertising platforms.

Marketers and publishers can now segment users of mobile apps and websites by various characteristics. This data can automatically be uploaded to advertising systems for better targeting to retain and engage users.

The Purpose of Audience Segments

Marketing experts can analyze audiences to optimize campaigns and save on advertising.

Looking at a pre-defined device list, ad partners can:

By using a combination of features, you can single out a group of devices from a segment to achieve various marketing goals, be it retargeting or user acquisition.

For example, if the paying audience of your app is iPhone 13 users from Berlin who use the app once or twice a day, you can launch an ad campaign aimed at retaining such users or attracting ones with a similar profile.

Segmenting devices in MyTracker

Devices can be segmented based on the following attributes:

Configuring audience management in MyTracker

You can learn how to add audiences and share them with partners in our documentation.

add audience export

After adding an audience, you’ll be able to analyze its performance. The Audience axis shows the audience size at the end of a specific time period. The New Audience axis shows the number of new device IDs added to the overall audience list in a specific time period.

audience stats

MyTracker automatically updates the list of devices in a connected advertiser account by using backend infrastructure to interact with partners. All you have to do is enable audience data transfer, and MyTracker will regularly update this data in the partner’s advertiser account – no further action is required on your end.

For now, MyTracker’s Audiences has integration with ironSource, Google Ads, myTarget, VK Ads and Yandex.Direct, but we plan to expand the list.

The feature is available to Premium users only - you can request a free demo here.

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