MyTracker now shares raw data with you

From now on you can download data generated by your mobile applications connected to MyTracker in raw format (“raw data”). 

You will have access to complete set of events without specific aggregation but with additional useful parameters provided by Mail.Ru Group, i.e. geo, source of install, etc.  

Although there is a bunch of dashboards and reports in MyTracker where all focus metrics are calculated, access to raw data opens radically new opportunities for marketers, analytic experts and even developers. For instance, you can import raw data into your project’s stats system or dig into details manually.  

Raw data allows for additional analysis of user actions in the app, verification of math models, neural networks training, manual verification of automatic reports and enrichment of CRM system. You can also create advertising campaigns with very detailed targeting.  

Needless to say, that even those experts who know their mobile project by heart often approach very interesting findings when analyzing raw data by user segments and their lifecycle activity. 

By the way, thanks to information about source of traffic in MyTracker raw data can be used to confront fraud.  

Your project’s data belong to you only. That’s why unlike other similar products MyTracker stores raw data for entire lifetime of your mobile app. It gives you versatility when it comes to reports preparation and lets you to backup any data whenever you feel up to it. Rest assured - not a single byte of valuable data gets lost.  

For a detailed manual on how to work with raw data in MyTracker, see our documentation

Feel free to ask us any questions.  

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