How reattribution works in MyTracker

What is reattribution

After an app is installed, users often become dormant or even uninstall it from their devices. Dedicated campaigns are initiated to return such users, including push notifications, retargeting and mailouts. In this case, attribution turns into reattribution.

Reattribution helps return users who failed to purchase anything or seduce formerly active users with a new feature. This is an efficient way to promote new features and increase the buying frequency and the average ticket.

Reattribution is in high demand among mobile projects with large audiences which rather focus on existing customers than new ones. This is particularly true for apps with direct monetisation (e.g. e-commerce) which aim for orders rather than installs.

Sadly, many mobile tracking systems count unique installs only, neglecting re-installs or users returning after a while. Therefore, in case of a re-engaged user (reinstalling an app or resuming it after a while), all subsequent actions are automatically attributed to the source and ad which initially brought in such user. Though, a user might well be driven by a recent campaign or a push notification.

MyTracker belongs to those few platforms that support reattribution. Using our tracker, you can take advantage of mobile retargeting and assess how efficient you are in winning back existing customers.

Reattribution in MyTracker

MyTracker helps keep record of returning customers and identify the source they come from. To analyse the number of returning customers, MyTracker offers such metrics as Re-installs (the number of re-installs over the reporting period) and Re-engagements (the number of new app start-ups over the reporting period). Reattribution is the sum of the two.

Reattribution events (Re-installs or Re-engagements) only count if a certain amount of time (“Inactivity Window”) has passed since the app was last launched.

Upon a Re-engagement or a Re-install, MyTracker checks when the app was last launched by the specific device. Such events do count if the amount of time that has passed since the app was last launched exceeds that allowed under the Inactivity Window. If the amount of time falls below the Inactivity Window, then such user is deemed active thus making reattribution metrics inapplicable.

The above settings result in budget savings while also minimising fraud in campaigns which aim to return customers.

MyTracker also helps assess the effect from re-engaged customers, how active and profitable they prove to be. MyTracker offers such metrics as Current Attribution and Attribution Time to analyse user activity within their current attribution.

Reattribution in MyTracker helps identify the source of returning customers as well as analyse key statistics (activity, payments, etc.) between the attribution periods. This provides insights into the quality of re-engaged customers while also enhancing the efficiency of your advertising spends.

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