MyTracker presents a new tool to allow mobile fraud protection

A new Fraud Scanner tool by MyTracker analyzes app installs for fraud by a large number of parameters and marks those that it considers fraudulent. This allows users to protect their application from unscrupulous advertising platforms and partners, thus significantly saving the advertising budget.

Fraud Scanner by MyTracker analyzes not just typical parameters like smartphone characteristics, but also complex, combined types of fraud, which may disguise as normal user behavior. The main metrics are available in the user interface: 19 fraud indicators (16 parameters and 3 aggregator metrics). With this new tool MyTracker will mark traffic for bots presence, device farms, click-flooding and install highjacking.

Using this new tool and its anti-fraud metrics, MyTracker users are able to:

Fraud Scanner by MyTracker was tested for almost a year on Group advertising campaigns, which made it possible to develop up-to-date benchmarks. They show benchmark fraud metrics that are defined separately for each one based on machine learning technologies and a large amount of accumulated data, and allow you to compare these benchmark metrics with the metrics of your advertising campaigns.

Another feature of Fraud Scanner is that it marks installations with fraud indicators, rather than automatically rejecting them. This allows users to decide what to do with suspicious traffic and what to do with the mediasource or partner.

Effective use of Fraud Scanner by MyTracker can significantly save advertising budgets. Some of the anti-fraud metrics will be free for all users, and a set of advanced metrics will be available as part of the premium plan.

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