MyTracker: new feature to collect user-level statistics

Every business, big or small, wants to know its real customer base and not be preoccupied with devices or platforms. But fragmented content consumption on multiple mobile devices is here to stay. What happens is that most tracking systems and attribution providers falsely detect multiple app users, which results in unreliable statistics and renders further data analysis less useful.

We are launching a beta test of a new function that brings you user-level statistics and believe that it will further improve your product and business.

The problem:

Most analytical tools offer only device-level statistics. But users may have several devices and switch from one to another. According to Kaspersky Lab, an average household today has more than six connected devices.

If only device-level statistics is available for a company’s app,

●     it cannot estimate the size of its user base; 

●     it cannot properly analyse the behaviour of users accessing the app from multiple devices;

●     information and metrics for users who have switched to another device will no longer be relevant;

●     it spends more on marketing because:

- it pays for the same user again and again (every time they switch to another device); 

- remarketing becomes ineffective (device switching makes the previously collected data no longer relevant).

Or company will have to solve these problems by exporting tracker data, matching them with CRM records, etc., which costs time and money.

To help you collect more relevant data, MyTracker now offers user- as well as device-level statistics (provided that your app offers authorisation functionality).

How it works:

If the app has an authorisation/sign-up mechanism, a unique identifier is assigned to every authorised user. This identifier will allow you to track the user’s activity even if they switch mobile devices.

Now, MyTracker can give you a better understanding of your real user base, including its size, traits, purchases, and how these people actually interact with the app. All this will help engage with users and assess marketing activities more effectively.

Use the new statistics to:

●     gather and analyse conventional metrics across platforms and for each user (already available);

●     assess your marketing campaigns in terms of new users – and not devices – engaged (already available);

●     take advantage of user profiles in your retargeting activities (coming up).

These features are an important step towards giving you the most detailed and accurate information about your user base – regardless of the device your app is launched on. 

How to start:

To access user-level data, pass identifiers that users have in your project through the MyTracker SDK. If you have done this before, the data will be available in MyTracker immediately. 

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