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MyTracker’s Fraud Scanner Can Now Detect Ad Fraud in Website Traffic

With the skyrocketing growth of the mobile app market and huge advertising budgets, every market player now talks about mobile fraud and is eager to find a way to deal with it. This, however, should by no means overshadow the importance of website traffic, which involves almost equal ad spends. According to Broadband Search, in 2020, mobile devices took only 3.3% more traffic than desktops.

Website budgets are also at risk of fraudulent attacks – from trivial click fraud to ingenious systems of viewports and user ID changes. According to some studies, 28% of website traffic showed “non-human signals” coming from bots or click farms.

MyTracker Fraud Scanner is an automated solution for website fraud tracking. It can be combined with mobile apps to receive cross-platform updates on the project status.

Based on our expertise in combating mobile fraud and adapted to the web environment, this solution enables you to promptly assess your project’s overall fraud situation and compare it against our fraud benchmarks to understand how serious the threats are.

In addition, we have developed three dedicated website traffic fraud metrics:

Detecting Fraud in Website Traffic: Fraud Metrics

Matching visits

When a user follows a link, two windows of the same size pop up one after the other and the viewing of another person’s ad is charged to you or your ad gets hidden behind another window.

Small viewport

Your ad banner becomes “invisible” as it is displayed only for a second after the opening or is too small, or another banner overlaps it.

Clicking such an “invisible” banner always looks like fraud, annoys users, and adversely affects brand perception.

High PTR (Proxy-through rate)

A proxy is installed on a user device to change IDs – five clicks from a single user are counted as the clicks of five different people.

This type of fraud usually comes from dedicated websites offering users a small fee for clicking ad banners and finding keywords in the browser.

ad fraud in website traffic
Detect ad fraud in website traffic with MyTracker's Fraud Scanner

As you protect your mobile ad budget, don’t miss out on web traffic. MyTracker Fraud Scanner is a combined automated fraud prevention tool generating comprehensive reports on mobile and website traffic quality to help you make the most of your marketing budget and avoid paying fraudsters.

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