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MyTracker Introduces Free LTV Predictions Based on SKAdNetwork Data

By August 2021, 63% of iPhone and iPad users globally have upgraded to iOS 14.5 or above.

The new iOS version came with restrictions in the form of ATT and SKAdNetwork, which significantly hamstrung developers and marketing specialists in terms of their ability to adequately assess the ROI of their ad campaigns using traditional tools. Now all hopes are pinned on the ability of ad platforms and tracking systems to deliver innovative solutions that will save the day.

MyTracker blazes a trail by introducing free LTV forecasting (30 to 180 days) for ad campaigns on iOS 14.5+ via SKAdNetwork, with a prediction accuracy of up to 94.3%.

Two Types of LTV Forecasting

Right now, many analytics and attribution systems are working on their own models and solutions for assessing the efficiency of ad campaigns on iOS 14.5+. By and large, they can be divided into two types:

Using Conversion Value Functionality to Measure Revenue

Standard SKAdNetwork mechanisms allow for sending CVs in the range from 0 to 63. For example, you can create an LTV–CV table and, based on that, forecast the approximate ad campaign revenue.

However, this comes with obvious drawbacks:

To learn more about the SKAdNetwork's conversion values and how you can use this data to your benefit, see our Complete Guide to SKAdNetwork Conversion Value.

Predictive Analytics with MyTracker

This is the framework for MyTracker’s solution: we have created a machine-learning model that predicts LTV using SKAN conversions received from Apple.

The model generates a forecast based on the payments of organic users and those who gave the ATT consent, while also factoring in CVs.

free ltv forecast skadnetwork data

You can read more on how to predict LTV on SKAdNetwork data in iOS 14.5+ in our educational blog post.  

How to Set Up LTV Predictions Based on SKAdNetwork Data in MyTracker

Step 1

Go to the Report Builder in MyTracker.

Step 2

In the Device Metrics report, select 'LTV Prediction' and then 'SKAN LTV Prediction' to see your 30 to 180-day forecast. 

ltv prediction skadnetwork data

Step 3

Along with SKAN LTV Prediction select the following metrics: Installs, SKAN Conversions, Partner, and Campaign. Do not select wide parameters such as geographical location.

Step 4

Click on 'Calculate' to view your report.

    MyTracker’s long track record in LTV forecasting coupled with its unique machine learning algorithms empowers its customers to predict income to be generated by users based on SKAdNetwork data. On top of that, other iOS 14.5+ solutions are available, even as part of the optimum (free) plan.

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