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MyTracker Introduces Free LTV Forecasting for E-commerce Stores

Analytics systems track three standard types of revenue from mobile apps and games on Android and iOS – in-app payments, subscriptions, and ads.

But e-commerce stores have other sources of revenue, such as offline payments or purchases via PayPal, which are not captured this way.

These e-commerce apps can analyze their revenue with the help of our S2S API that enables them to upload payment data from third-party services, internal CRMs and spreadsheets to MyTracker’s user-friendly interface.

MyTracker offers a wide range of tools and filters to work with your revenue. For example, it can give you a clear picture of your annual revenue from different sources for a well-informed decision on cost optimization initiatives for the next year.

Server to server (S2S) data transfer has been in place for a while now. We are taking a step further and introducing unique LTV forecasting for e-commerce stores. It empowers you to:

Predict your revenue for 1–6 months

MyTracker employs machine learning models that analyze in-app user behavior to identify patterns and forecast potential purchases with up to 90% accuracy

Segment your audience by potential revenue

With MyTracker, you can pick out the highest LTV users and then focus on retaining them and attracting similar customers.

Monitor how different solutions impact your ROI

Predictive analytics gives you an opportunity to assess the efficiency of new functions. For instance, checking how likely a new promo pop-up window is to improve your revenue from a certain user group in the long run.

Break down your forecast by user rather than by device

Users often choose and buy things online via several devices – phones, tablets, you name it. To get more accurate data on your revenue, it’s important to distinguish users from their devices.

MyTracker can track all user actions, and hence, revenues, from various devices using an ID assigned to every authorized user (phone number, email or login).

LTV forecasting is available in MyTracker as early as the day after subscription. However, it is advisable to feed more data into the model for better accuracy.

Don’t limit your revenue management to conventional practices – forecast your revenue, select more profitable users and assess the ROI of your new app features with MyTracker predictive analytics.

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