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Custom metrics now available in MyTracker's Report Builder

MyTracker has expanded its analytics toolkit: now you can create your own custom metrics in reports and compare any data without having to exit the tool and upload information to another platform for post-processing.

What are calculated (custom) metrics?

Calculated metrics are essentially your own custom metrics that can be created within MyTracker.

These metrics are often employed by marketing experts and analysts to calculate necessary indicators for any specific business or task. Calculated metrics will help you get answers to certain questions, for example:

Calculated metrics are compatible with standard MyTracker metrics, as well as with additional premium features, such as Fraud Scanner and predictive analytics.

How do I create a calculated metric in MyTracker?

You can create, edit and arrange your metrics in the list of calculated metrics or in the Report Builder.

Calculated metrics list
Calculated metric in the Report Builder

To create a metric, you need to set several parameters:

Practical example of a calculated metric in MyTracker

Imagine you want to calculate the cost of returning one customer through a retargeting campaign.

To do that, you can divide the campaign cost by the number of returning users. Let’s use 7-day retention in this example. You can add several metrics for different days or choose one precise day most relevant to your particular project.

As a result, we end up with our own metric that allows us to assess the effectiveness of a marketing campaign directly within MyTracker:

calculated metrics in mytracker

Uploading data to Excel is no longer necessary

Calculated metrics eliminate the need to export data from MyTracker to Excel files in order to compile the information for your custom report. Any user can now add their own indicators to reports to manage data in a familiar layout.

A solution fit for the entire team

Reports featuring a calculated metric can be sent to your colleagues for them to save that metric and use it in their own reports.

Make your life easier with MyTracker’s calculated metrics

Process your reports quicker

You no longer need to upload reports to calculate the missing indicators.

Standardize your team’s approach to the assessment of metrics

Team leaders can create metrics and share them with the team.

Analyze indicators without employing additional tools

Create a new metric with a few clicks without ever leaving the report builder.

Construct reports with custom metrics to assess the performance of ad campaigns and manage them in a familiar and convenient MyTracker settings. More guidance on how to create calculated metrics is available in our documentation.

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