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Effective analytics should let you track all user actions in the marketing funnel and evaluate the contribution of each channel. The time has long passed when there was only one traffic source (for instance, Odnoklassniki ads) to promote a website or app. The winning strategy is to use different channels, such as myTarget, YouTube, and Facebook and separate platforms.

But the more traffic sources you have, the more challenging it is to manage, let alone compare them. You need to know:

It is important that attribution should help you identify which of the sources was the most effective. Knowing where your most active users came from gives you an insight into the effectiveness of each channel and lets you allocate your marketing budget properly.

What you can do with my Tracker

Our list of partners and integrations meets all the basic requirements of traffic managers and media buyers. We support myTarget, Yandex.Direct, Unity Ads, TikTok and many other networks and platforms. With MyTracker, you can track over 80 traffic sources, enjoying accurate attribution of clicks and statistics collection for all your ads – wherever you buy and place them and wherever your users come from.

MyTracker can gather statistics about your web audience, providing a single view of your project across all platforms in terms of unique users, sources, revenue by each acquisition channel or other metrics. A flexible report builder will help you track any platform overlaps (Web, iOS, Android) and compare collected data with ad campaigns to optimise your running ads and maximise their effectiveness.

MyTracker will help you:

Web tracking is based on a Top Mail.Ru counter. The counter code is assigned to your website pages, with the counter tracking all visitor data. Using the counter ID, MyTracker will gather website statistics and provide data for all platforms in a single window. The entire scope of web attribution, and cohort and detailed analysis capabilities of MyTracker remain available free of charge.

Other free-of-charge features:

  1. unlimited opportunities to store and download raw data;
  2. flexibility in customising the attribution window;
  3. ability to use any number of parameters and events;
  4. detailed user reports by demographics, session duration, traffic source, activity, financial metrics.

MyTracker is also great for reattribution. While helping you identify the strongest campaigns that drive new customer acquisition, it also shows which of them are the best for retaining the existing customers.

The multi-platform attribution and reports come as the icing on the cake

MyTracker enables you to track the acquisition of new customers regardless of the platform they are using to interact with your ad and switch to your website and the app. When it comes to existing users, MyTracker helps you better understand the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and saves you from buying the same traffic twice or even three times on different platforms.

How to get your website tracked

  1. Just add the MyTracker web counter. If you already use Top Mail.Ru, all you need to do is share the counter ID.
  2. To configure the counter, set the code for all pages of your website, enable user tracking and goals.

That’s it! Now you have your website statistics collected for you by MyTracker, including hits (page views), size of new audience, sessions, DAU/MAU/WAU, and more. View initial statistics in Ad Hoc Reports or build your own reports in our Report Builder.

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