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4 Smart Ways to Identify Audience Segments in Your App Users

Audience segmentation allows you to break down your large audience into unique niches to better understand how they’re using your app. This can include how often they’re purchasing, what they’re purchasing, and potentially even what triggered them to download it.

All of this information is exceptionally valuable, allowing you to generate new ideas for how to improve the app experience, increase app engagement and retention, and even discover new potential marketing opportunities based on your audience segments.

Actually gaining accurately segmented data can be tricky to do, however, unless you have audience segmentation tools. This is why in-app tracking analytics tools like MyTracker are so important for app developers and businesses.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at 4 different ways audience segmentation is used in MyTracker to gain actionable data that can help you improve the in-app experience, earn more, and potentially capture more users.

Different Types of Audience Segments to Track

If you’re wondering “how to segment an audience” when it comes to apps, know that with the right tools, you can segment an audience by a large number of criteria.

With my Tracker, you can segment your audience by all of the following and more:

With the right audience segmentation tools for apps like MyTracker, you can apply multiple audience segment filters at once to get a better understanding of how different segments are interacting with your app overall.

Let’s take a look at 4 of the most effective audience segmentation choices for apps to help you better understand your audience.

1. See How Many Users Fall Under a Particular Segment

Knowing how many users fall under different individual segments can give you a definitive understanding of who your current users are.

You might realize that even though your app was designed to appeal to both genders, for example, that’s downloaded almost entirely by women.

Or you might realize that your all-ages app is missing out on the 45-54-year-old age group.

You could also find that only a small portion of your users are regularly making in-app purchases.

This can help you understand who you’re reaching, how they’re engaging, and give you clues to figure out why.

The ability to view how many high-value users you have and what other segments they belong to can give you information to target them more in the future. You can also see where you may need to change your marketing to appeal to users in segments who aren’t downloading as often.

Audience segmentation in MyTracker

You can also create custom segments, like in the example above. Here, we’ve created an audience segment that shows the number of female users within a specific geographic location that were active during a thirty-day period, who spent more than $2 USD. This segment amounted to 139 total users, and was less than .01% of the total app’s audience.

Explore this segment further by adding in filters like the device brand, engagement metrics, or activity type to learn more about how these users are interacting with your app.

2. See How Your Segments Are Shifting

Nothing is ever stagnant, and it’s essential to keep an eye on your audience's behaviors to make sure that app usage is increasing instead of declining.

Using MyTracker to keep an eye on the number of users in a particular segment to see if it’s rising or falling is an excellent use of the tool. You can see how different segments grow both in number and overall target audience percentage overtime.

This can help you identify and even troubleshoot concerns early before they cause a massive loss of users. If engagement suddenly drops for users with the latest version of iOS, there’s likely some sort of compatibility issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

You can also use this to test new features. If engagement rates in your core audience segments skyrocket after a new promotion or in-app feature, you know that it’s working well.

Our Report builder can help you keep an eye on how your audience segments are shifting over different periods to assess what could be changing.

3. Compare Sets of Audiences in Reports

Wondering how different audience segments stack up against each other?

Want to find out if older users are purchasing more than the Gen Z users? Want to see who engages more, but who purchases more?

With our Report builder, you can compare a set of audiences or even isolate a specific audience in a single report. You can filter your custom report with any segment.

There are so many valuable uses for this. You can, for example, see how your marketing campaigns are performing with a specific audience segment, or how a new app version update or feature influences their behavior.

This is some of the most actionable data you can get, and it’s essential to be able to track it reliably.

4. Export Segments from My Tracker for Remarketing

Understanding your audience is only one advantage of having all of this segmented data; you can also use it directly for marketing purposes.

With MyTracker, you can download lists of audience segments and individual device ID’s (IDFAs for Apple users and GAIDs for Androids) so that you can retarget your app users based on segment in target audiences through paid social ads.

Remarketing is exceptionally beneficial for app developers, and the ability to use this information for retargeting has never been more important following the iOS 14.5 update that has led so many users to opt-out of Facebook’s third-party pixel tracking.

You can use these custom audience lists made up of device ID’s to do the following:

All you need to do is export the segment reports from MyTracker, and you can upload this to the PPC platform of your choice.

Final Thoughts

If you want to aggressively learn more about your audience segments and how they’re interacting with your app, you need high-quality analytics tools that can give you this information.

The solutions available with MyTracker can help you analyze every potential audience segment you have so that you can get actionable data to help you improve your marketing and your in-app experiences for all users.

Ready to dive into your app’s audience segments? Create a free account with MyTracker here!

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