MyTracker introduces ad revenue tracking and prediction

Mobile apps rely on advertising for over 55% of their income. Video ads alone (not counting banners and native ads) generate 31% of all app revenues, which is some USD 49 bn a year. This monetisation strategy is especially prevalent on Android platforms and is growing ever more popular around the world when it comes to developers of regular games and apps, while for hyper-casual games it constitutes pretty much the only source of income. In-app purchases are another important tool accounting for 39% of all income (some USD 62 bn a year), but still no match for ad revenues that have already taken over even on iOS devices.

Until recently, mobile trackers were ill-equipped to record this kind of revenue. Analytics tools used to display only aggregated income statistics without any meaningful breakdown – just the total income in each country for the app as a whole, with no option to sort by campaigns, traffic sources, or the number of views in each segment. While these metrics did provide insight into ad revenue dynamics, they were no help in identifying audience segments that generated the lowest or the highest revenues. The most we could provide was general estimates on ROI, LTV and other metrics, without the breakdowns each business is looking for.

With MyTracker, you can now count your revenues from different ad formats with a breakdown by devices and even by users. These advertising revenue streams have been added to the Report Builder section of the tracker.

From now on, ad revenue will also be displayed as a separate dimension of the ARPU and LTV metrics. You will no longer have to make the calculation by yourself, which required consolidating several revenue sources, as you can now just view the total revenue generated by your app (breakdown by income type should be disabled).

Revenues from in-app payments and subscriptions will continue to be recorded in separate dimensions, enabling you to see which monetisation option works best for your product. Your team can access details on all revenue types via a single window and break them down using any dimension.

From now on, MyTracker will allow you to:

In addition to current and historical data on your apps' ad revenues, we also offer our unique predictive analytics tool for advertisements: MyTracker features automatic LTV prediction for your ads on the 30-, 60-, 90-, or 180-day horizons. To find these metrics, go to Report Builder → LTV prediction.

To sum it up, you can now stay updated on all revenue sources of your product while also having an estimate of how much your app’s monetisation strategies will earn you in the future (both separately and as a whole).

How MyTracker’s ad predictions work

Based on data from partner systems, all users who have viewed the ad are divided into groups. MyTracker's predictive analytics algorithms analyse historical data, calculate coefficients, select the optimal forecasting model in line with the available data, and teach that model.

Once the model has been taught based on the specific features of your app, the tracker proceeds to make predictions for all new devices and users. To this end, all new devices (starting with the second day after install) are included into the smallest cohorts – even down to individual devices – and a prediction is made for each of them. In this fashion, LTV predictions get more and more accurate day after day, up to the eighth day when the ad revenue prediction is finalised. The prediction accuracy is highly dependent on the advertising strategy and formats in a given app, but usually stands at around 75–85%.

More on MyTracker's predictive analytics.

How to obtain ad revenue data

To keep track of your ad proceeds through our platform:

  1. Select a partner for placing ads in your app.
  2. Synchronise your account with the partner and your tracker account.
  3. Allow app data transfer.

At the moment the data is only available if your ads are running via IronSource. The reason is IronSource was among the first monetisation platforms to provide to its partners raw impression and revenue data broken down by device. The list of monetisation platforms supported by MyTracker is set to keep growing as they introduce export of data with this kind of breakdown by device.

All ad revenue metrics can be viewed in the Report Builder.

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