Two Months with iOS 14.5+ Globally: Figures, Issues, and Solutions

Last month we published the global data on iOS 14.5+ for the first month since its release.

We have now gathered the second month's data, and it's rather surprising: to learn more about the percentage of upgraded devices and the growing Opt-in Rate in the world’s largest countries, check out our infographic.

global IDFA and iOS 14.5+ adoptions rates month 2

Month-to-month Opt-in Rate Comparison

Let's compare the figures to those from one month ago.

Percentage of devices upgraded to iOS 14.5+ around the globe

Month 1, Adoption Rate – 14.8%

Month 2, Adoption Rate – 56.7%

Percentage of iOS 14.5+ users who gave tracking permissions to apps

CountryOpt-in Rate, Month 1Opt-in Rate, Month 2
United Kingdom19.3%26.1%
Saudi Arabia22.2%24.7%
United States19.2%24.1%

What Else is There to Know about ATT in iOS 14.5+

Apple’s new announcements on iOS15 at WWDC:

  • Big news: starting iOS 15, developers will be able to receive copies of winning postbacks directly to their servers. That way, not only an ad network will gain access to postbacks but also the app owner. This will enable them to assess the ad network efficiency directly, with myTracker serving as a one-stop-shop to gather and manage such data. It is yet another major step towards ensuring privacy and transparency in relations between developers and ad platforms.
  • App Privacy Report will be added in iOS 15: starting iOS 15, it will be possible to see what apps with relevant permissions used access to location, camera, gallery, or microphone. The report will also show the third-party domains an app has contacted and where the user data could be potentially sent. This new feature will help improve the efficiency of managing privacy on iOS 15 devices.
iOS 15 app privacy

Known iOS 14.5+ Issues

  • Aggregated data instead of postbacks.
  • Only a handful of networks are geared towards the Conversion Value decoding.
  • Limits on running campaigns: 9 for FB/Instagram and 11 for TikTok per app.
  • Timers: all events are not reported to analytical systems until 24 hours after they occur and are reset when new events pop up in the Conversion Value scheme.
  • Data fragmentation and two separate strategies: IDFA and SKAdNetwork users.
  • Some ad networks count re-installs as new ones.
  • Inability to retarget.
  • Deferred deep links not working.
  • No Conversion Value for small data.

How to Be Strategic About Attribution post-iOS 14.5+

→ Use both SKAdNetwork and IDFA when buying traffic.

→ Gather only key data for your product and play around with conversion settings when sending the Conversion Value.

→ Set up the ATT consent screen, your most powerful tool to make a difference. There is an article on our blog telling how to set up the pre-prompt screen correctly, with recommendations and real app examples.

→ Ensure smooth organic traffic by optimizing the app page in the stores and updating the content more frequently.

→ Use predictive analytics.

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To keep your attribution confidential and accurate under ATT, work with iOS 14.5 together with myTracker.