Audience segmentation now available for download from myTracker

Understanding the audience gives marketing experts an edge in competitive markets: among dozens of similar offers, users are more likely to select the one that best meets their consumer habits.

But with potential customers having different motivations, selection processes, and needs, how can you know these habits? This is where audience segment management comes into play.

What audience segments are for

Segments are user groups united by one or more attributes: gender, age, location, user behavior, product interaction scenarios, and other characteristics.

Audience segment management enables you to create a marketing strategy that is based not on a marketing expert’s conviction, but on user groups’ real preferences – a strategy that would allow for providing personalized offers and building communication, effectively “tying” your audience to the product.

Examples of audience segment management

  • Segment: Users who have made two purchases during the current month.

    Message: “Promotion! Get a 15% discount on every third purchase in April!"

    • Segment: iPhone 7 owners who have viewed an online listing for iPhone 11 two or three times in the current month.

    Message: “Save up to USD 200 on an iPhone 11 by trading in your old iPhone 7.”

    • Segment: Players who have been stuck on a certain level for three or four days.

    Push notification: “Psst, the clue to level 42 sounds like the word lead.”

    Why download segments from myTracker

    In myTracker, you can create unique audience segments based on flexible custom conditions: user characteristics, time of install, actions they take. Such segments can be used to analyze audience behavior in detail and make informed decisions for further product promotion and improvement.

    Segment identifiers can now be downloaded from myTracker for use in other systems or advertising accounts.

    For example, you can highlight the most valuable attributes of the audience, export them into your advertising system and acquire new users with similar characteristics. Then, you can configure your CRM to send personalized push notifications in order to increase conversion rates and the average ticket.

    How to download segments from myTracker

    For data security reasons, this feature is available for account holders only.

    Identifiers can be configured for download in the Audience segments section after creating a segment. You can download identifiers for all segments except those with social and demographic data.

    download audience segments in myTracker
    The Audience Segments report in myTracker

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