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It's Been a Month with iOS 14.5: Figures, Issues, and Solutions

After Apple announced iOS 14.5 and ATT, there were many theories about attribution changes in the mobile marketing industry, which painted a rather bleak picture. It has been a month since the update, and the MyTracker team has collected real data on how ATT is impacting the mobile industry globally.

global opt in rates iOS 14.5

What else is there to know about ATT in iOS 14.5?

Briefly: limits on campaigns, timers, and data restrictions were confirmed, with some tweaks and improvements to follow. In order to reach maximum efficiency, you should optimize pre-permission prompts and employ comprehensive solutions.

Known issues

Expected improvements

What you can do now

→ When purchasing traffic you should use both SKAdNetwork and IDFA while this data is available.

→ You can and should experiment with the settings of a conversion model as part of the Conversion Value reporting.

→ You shouldn’t neglect pre-permission prompts. Under these circumstances, it is the most efficient way to make an impact. 

→ Amid the uncertainty, you should remember the need to attract organic traffic, which means improving ASO and posting more quality content in your app.

→ Use predictive analytics.

With a view to keeping your attribution confidential and accurate under ATT, work with iOS 14.5 together with MyTracker.

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