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Upload revenue data from various sources through an S2S API with MyTracker

MyTracker has released an update that enables you to set up revenue data uploads to your account from server to server (S2S) on your own.

S2S data uploads are a universal cross-platform data aggregation solution suitable for any platform.

With MyTracker, you can now easily upload all the information about your offline payments, website subscriptions and other types of revenue through an S2S API.

S2S also makes it possible to upload the details of past transactions. As one example, it can give you a clear picture of your annual revenues from different sources, allowing you to make well-informed decisions on cost optimization initiatives for the next year.

The data will be available in the Report builder. All you have to do to see the revenue information collected through S2S is select the appropriate metric and set the filters by revenue type (Сustom Revenue).

S2S in my tracker

By using S2S API, you can upload to your project’s MyTracker account not only revenue data, but also any events that are not available through SDK or take place offline, including promo code entries following TV ad campaigns, confirmed deliveries or sales office visits.

To integrate and set up the S2S API tool, show the documentation to your development team. It is supported with comprehensive and graphic instructions.

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