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How to Identify Fraud in Lead Generation Campaigns: Fake Data Metric now in Fraud Scanner

Fraud Scanner now has a new tool to identify fraud: it detects devices with installs and sessions that use stolen or fake account data.

With this tool, MyTracker customers can get an idea of the number of users that rely on fake data (stolen or created using bots) to fill out contact or registration forms.

What is fake data

Fraudsters can steal the account data of real users or create a multitude of fake email addresses – either manually or through dedicated services or bots. Using these data, they can then fill out forms on websites or create accounts in advertised apps. This way, fraudsters make sure ad campaigns targets are met – while also draining your ad budgets.

An ad campaign with fraud traffic will deliver better results and more signups but not real users. It will become clear after the campaign is over, when budgets have been spent and in-app activity remains the same.

What types of ad campaigns are most likely to rely on fake data

Fake data are usually used in lead generation ad campaigns, i.e. those designed to capture and generate interest in a service or product for the purpose of developing leads.

In most cases, the target action in such campaigns is filling out a form or registering in a service using an email, which makes lead generation campaigns most susceptible to frauds using fake data.

How to identify fake data in ad campaigns

Previously, identification of fake data was impossible: once a user filled out a form or registered in an app using a fake email address, that automatically meant the campaign targets were met.

Now, for the first time in the market, Fraud Scanner algorithms can assess the quality of data by comparing them against a database of email addresses and devices marked as fraud, and flag respective sessions as fraud traffic.

Fake data on campaigns in Report Builder

The Report Builder and Dashboard sections of MyTracker now contain a new selector called Fake Data, which shows a percentage of the campaign audience that uses fake or stolen data.

fake data in lead gen campaigns

Fraud Scanner by MyTracker is the first ever opportunity for website and app owners to identify fraud involving fake data, protect their ad campaigns from fraudsters, and use these data to challenge the budgets your advertising partner has come up with.

If you are launching a wide-reach ad campaign, you might want to check the Fake Data metric once the campaign is complete to make sure you get the right quality of applications and signups.

The new metric is available to our Premium plan users. For more information on getting a trial, please fill out the demo form.

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