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Boosting Search Visibility & Site Traffic with Brad Smith

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be difficult to implement but well worth the effort once you start seeing results.

The “once you start seeing results” part is key. SEO can take time, energy, and consistency to pay off, and the lack of immediate results can be frustrating for businesses— especially if they aren’t sure where to get started.

In order to see results in the more-competitive-than-ever search engine results pages (SERPs), we talked to SEO and content marketing expert Brad Smith about how brands (even those with new websites!) can invest their time strategically with SEO and content to boost search visibility and site traffic.

Brad Smith is an owner in three content marketing companies (Codeless, uSERP, Wordable). He’s been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, Business Insider, The Next Web, Search Engine Land, and more. And he’s worked with some of the web’s fastest growing brands, including monday.com, Robinhood, Miro, Remote, Freshworks, PandaDoc, and more.

First… Is SEO Dead?

Every year, there’s a new flurry of articles declaring something in marketing is dead. SEO has been declared dead so many times it’s almost dizzying… and yet the businesses investing in SEO successfully and ranking well certainly are reaping plenty of benefits.

Brad stressed that SEO has changed in the past decade, but that it’s the opposite of dead:

What Are the Most Important Things New Sites Can Do for SEO?

The unfortunate reality is that new sites will struggle to rank compared to larger and more established sites. Their domain authority is starting from scratch.

Making the right moves early, however, can help with the momentum you need to rank well in the SERPs over time. And when you’re getting started with a new site, starting with topical authority is key.

How to Choose the Right Keywords

Keyword optimization and selection is an important part of SEO, because it can impact which searches your site appears in. Choosing the right keywords can be difficult, because you have to strike a specific balance of “as much search volume per month as possible” and “the lowest competition possible.”

And that specific balance will vary depending on your ranking potential and your domain authority.

You also want to make sure you’re choosing keywords that match with the search intent, delivering content that audiences actually want.

Why Content Marketing is Still Key

Content marketing is often a critical component for many brands’ SEO strategies, allowing them to rank for more keywords and building topical authority in their industries.

And if you want to have a strong SEO campaign, content marketing is still important.

How to Rank Higher in the SERPs

This is the ultimate goal— have as many site pages and site content rank as high as possible, ideally within those top five coveted positions.

And when it comes to ranking higher, putting in the work consistently with the right strategies is the only way to start coming out on top— especially when you’re trying dislodge established sites.

What About Combining Organic and Paid Search Campaigns?

Organic SEO efforts can be effective once the hard work starts paying off and your site starts ranking. Paid search campaigns, however, can have nearly immediate results.

In many cases, combining both campaign types to increase site traffic is a great choice if the budget is there. 

What Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

It’s always devastating to feel like you’re doing everything right, only to realize a single mistake or pitfall was keeping you from achieving the results you were working for.

So let’s take SEO mistakes that all site owners (beginners and experts alike!) need to avoid.

There are almost too many to count. 

    You can read more about these mistakes here.

    Do Technical Aspects of SEO Matter?

    Keywords and alt text get a great deal of attention when it comes to SEO… but what about other more technical aspects of SEO, like HTML sitemaps?

    Starting with the right foundation and good SEO practices is always a solid idea, but putting your efforts where they’re needed most should be the priority.

    How Long Does It Take to See Results?

    Some brands start optimizing their sites and their content and expect a near-overnight results in the SERPs… but that’s rarely the case.

    So how long does it take to see results?

    Final Thoughts

    SEO may seem like the easiest marketing channel to tackle, but while it is valuable, it can take a little while and some serious work to see long-term results in tough markets.

    And yes, it is getting harder and in some cases more complicated. Google’s layout and AI can shift the goal posts.

    But, as Brad says, 

    And if you start now? He says “You’ll thank me in ten years.” 

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