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Analytics that power
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Analysis of revenue, traffic,
and user behavior on your website
Gain quick and helpful insights into your business

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All the essentials for free Analysis of traffic and ads, audience, revenue, and user behavior on the website.
Instant reports and templates Add a counter and instantly assess product audiences, channels, customer acquisition cost, etc.
Easy integration Add a web counter in 30 seconds.
No need for developers or programming skills.
Revenue analytics See which channels and partners are bringing in the most customers.

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Four easy steps to connect MyTracker

01 Sign up Fill out a simple form. 02 Confirm your email Open the email and click "Confirm". 03 Copy the tag from your account The personal account is created automatically; follow a simple instruction to add the tag. 04 Add the tag to your website Use Google Tag Manager or the website’s CMS system.
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Make data-driven business development decisions

The advantage of MyTracker is that it can be used for both websites and mobile apps. Unlike most analytics systems, MyTracker provides enriched statistics based on its own data (social demographics, employment, interests, education).
Andrey Chekhlov
Head of Analytics at Sravni.ru
Among the multitude of mobile analytics services, MyTracker is a standout for me.
It offers easy onboarding and implementation along with a variety of reports that I can customize to fit my specific needs.
With its built-in integrations, MyTracker has helped me streamline partner traffic management. I can see great potential in our collaboration.
Artur Demkin
Chief Marketing Officer at AM Capital
MyTracker is a highly user-friendly and advanced analytics service. Its deep links and technical capabilities surpass the solutions offered by the market’s key players.
A crucial competitive advantage for our company is the quality of technical support: they always provide fast and effective assistance.
Ivan Tkachuk
Head of Digital at FoodBand
We chose MyTracker to cooperate with a CPA agency as we realized that the existing analytics system failed to identify fraud traffic. MyTracker brought us direct cost savings and lower CAC.
Konstantin Novikov
E-commerce Product Manager at Yobidoyobi
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Accurate analytics — the right decisions

Attribution capabilities for different tasks and business types
Get attribution data on visitors, not sessions.
Compare conversion sources using first-visit and last-visit attribution.
Customize attribution, inactivity, and session timeout windows to fit your business.
User-level analytics
Six visitors with an average ticket of RUB 100 turned out to be two users with an average ticket of RUB 300?
Analyze purchase frequency, average ticket, LTV, retention, and sources of acquiring new users or re-engaging existing ones, regardless of cookies and devices.
Flexible analytics
You set the level of sophistication for your analytics. Over 200 metrics, breakdowns by channel, partner, geography, and many more.
MyTracker is easy to deal with.
Here’s why:
All the essentials for free
All of MyTracker's key features are available for free. You will be able to analyze traffic, revenue, and user behavior on your website as soon as you connect it. There's no need to enter card details or sign documents.
Easy to connect
After signing up, you need to:
  1. Confirm your email
  2. Enter the website name to automatically create a personal account
  3. Copy the tag
  4. Add it to your website
Easy to move from another system
When switching from another system, you won't need to set up everything from scratch: as soon as you add a counter, MyTracker will start collecting data on visits, sessions, entry points, and automatic events such as form submissions, button clicks, and website searches.

You can quickly add custom events using Google Tag Manager, partner CMS systems, or with the assistance of your website developers.
Easy to learn
If you have previous experience with analytics systems, you will find similar reports and tools in the MyTracker interface.

MyTracker offers detailed documentation, a blog with guides and expert insights, and free technical support to assist you as you learn the ropes.
Easy to get in touch
You can message us in Telegram or by email, call us on Skype, or ask a quick question via the chat widget on tracker.my.com

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