You no longer need several solutions for comprehensive subscription analytics and attribution in mobile apps. The MyTracker SDK brings together all the data and tools needed to work with subscriptions.

Grow Your Online Business with MyTracker

01 Drill down Count trial and first-time subscriptions, track payments and revenues from subscription renewals, and sort data by subscription type and name. 02 Predict revenue MyTracker automatically forecasts LTV for 30, 60, 90 or 180 days for any subscription type. Predict your campaign, cohort or segment revenue and optimize accordingly. 03 Meet your model subscriber Identify the users who are the most frequent to renew a subscription and the easiest to convert from trial to paid, as well as the biggest spenders. 04 All payments in one tool MyTracker makes it easy and convenient to track all transactions and revenues across apps (in-app purchases, subscriptions, and ad monetization) thanks to its single interface and support for both iOS and Android. 05 Segment the audience to test hypotheses Create segments of your existing subscribers based on 150 different metrics and compare them. Analyze segment dynamics to spot uptrends and downtrends. 06 Fend off fraud with Fraud Scanner MyTracker automatically detects fraudulent installs and bad traffic sources, protecting your budget and revenues.
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