Mobile app marketing platform
with predictive analytics.

Make timely product and marketing decisions.

Data from over 400 million devices is already being analysed.

Why use myTracker?

Predictive Analytics

How does it work?
  • Big data, which combines user acquisition data with product analytics
  • Analysis of thousands of events per user and of billions of events per mobile app
  • Automatic forecasting and better decision-making based on machine learning
Start using myTracker now.
Retain historical data to start using predictive analytics tools as soon as they become available.
Make data work for you!

Straightforward multiple campaign management

The interface has been designed to manage a large number of campaigns at once while tracking their effectiveness, both in profitability and engagement.

Cohorts and segmentation

Create specific user segments based on install sources, device and user info.

Measure user performance through conventional metrics such as Retention, Rolling Retention, MAU, DAU, WAU, length of session, effective registrations and other.

Pricing and ROI

Measure ROI of your apps through a variety of ad pricing models with multiple currency support.
Main ad pricing models include: CPC, CPI, CPA (User Events, Effective Cost per Registration, Conversion Rate to Paying Users and more), Revenue Share, Revenue Share with a time limit.

Social and demographic data

Make better-informed decisions about buying traffic based on unique user social and demographic data from Mail.Ru Group.

It is possible to differentiate by age, sex and geographical location.

Comparing Apps

Compare your apps or groups of apps between each other on just one page.

Review inadequate performance of some while assessing great success of others.

Form opinions on where to invest more.

Totally free, no limits

No limits on the number of events, installs attribution, active users or any other metrics. Completely free!

How to connect?

  • Set up an account
  • Install SDK
  • Wait for data
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