Analytics and attribution system for mobile apps and websites
For those who value accuracy. Attribution and product metrics, predictive analytics and fraud protection.

Tools for every task

Marketing & Attribution
Mobile attribution
Web attribution
Deep links/Smart links
Product analytics
Unlimited custom events
Pivot reporting with more than 150 metrics and audience segments
Unlimited raw data for any time period via API
Predictive analytics
LTV predictions for any revenue source
Prediction for any cohort: traffic source, campaign or your custom segment
Churn Rate & WAU/MAU prediction
Fraud Scanner: mobile fraud prevention
Bot and device farm protection
Click spamming & click injection detection
Post-install protection
All-around revenue and ROI tracking
Subscription data in detail
Ad monetization revenue
In-app purchases tracking
How MyTracker can help
your business
MyTracker for Game Developers
Level up your performance with the most accurate in-app revenue tracking, ad revenue collection, ROI calculation, and automated LTV predictions.
MyTracker for Enterprise
A scalable and secure technology to cover all large-enterprise needs.
MyTracker for e-commerce
Analyze your data across multiple platforms and optimize user experience and marketing performance in e-commerce apps.
MyTracker for Startups
Free and easy-to-use analytics tool to boost your project growth today.
Subscription analytics
Analyze the performance of your app subscriptions and track subscription revenue and LTV with a breakdown by subscription type and ad campaign.

What can I expect from a demo?

- A brief conversation to assess what MyTracker can do to help your business;

- A live product demo with insights into MyTracker’s most relevant features;

- A discussion of your KPIs to determine the best way to work with MyTracker;

- No commitment required.

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