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Helping you to track in-app revenues with pinpoint accuracy, myTracker is great for calculating CPI, ROI and LTV, predictive analytics, and much more. Our platform will enable you to drive up the number of paying users, find your audience, and slash your marketing spend.

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for games
Practical edge
Analyse user data from different channels using just one interface.
User quality
Take advantage of cohort analysis tools to look into Retention Rate and LTV for different user cohorts.
No limits
Gain instant access to all analytics that may be of interest to you. We have no limits on what kind of information can be collected and how long it can be stored. All data can be exported via Raw Data API at any time.
Excellent support tool
Use myTracker to bolster your current data analytics – and gain the benefit of using two platforms which can exchange historical data easily.
Benchmarking for several projects at a time
Select benchmark analytics for several apps to manage an unlimited number of campaigns.
No fees
Optimise costs to save your budget – attribution in myTracker is free of charge at all stages, whether your app has one hundred or one hundred million users.