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Marketing and Attribution

See which of your ads generated installs to judge the effectiveness of each channel. Scale the best campaigns to boost your performance.
01 Wide selection of advertising sources MyTracker is compatible with all major advertising platforms and partners, while also allowing you to add your own platforms. 02 Mobile and web attribution Single-window functionality for traffic sourcing and analytics across mobile and web. 03 Protect your app and secure your marketing spend Safeguard your app campaigns from mobile fraud and stop paying for fake installs with Fraud Scanner. 04 No limits on raw data download and storage Store and download all you want. Use the MyTracker API to generate customized reports 05 Billboard and out-of-home ad tracking See which outdoor ads resulted in app installs. Get a highly accurate picture down to individual creatives and deploy post-install analytics. 06 Deep and smart links Take users who click on an ad to an app screen you choose. Supports all platforms as well as deferred deep linking. 07 Over 200 report metrics MyTracker offers 200+ metrics that can be combined in various ways. They include ROI, LTV, ARPU, ARPPU, DPU/WPU/MPU, retention and rolling retention, purchases, subscriptions, etc. 08 Audiences Segment your audience by activity, device specs, geo location, churn probability and other parameters and send your audience segments directly to advertising platforms.
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