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An advanced marketing attribution and analytics platform
Free Attribution MyTracker shows which of your ads generated installs, letting you judge the effectiveness of each channel. Collect and leverage this data to supercharge your ad campaigns. Try now for free 01 Analyze every traffic source Track installs from social media, apps, websites, videos and other sources. Get detailed insights into user activity to know which marketing channels to scale up and which to drop. 02 Flexible reporting Detailed and customizable reports will give you a bird’s-eye view of installs from a number of different angles, from ad campaign and source to location and device model. 03 No hidden fees Install Attribution is a free feature which stays free no matter how many users you have.

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MyTracker FAQ
What if I’m already using a mobile tracking system?
MyTracker can build on and complement your tracker’s functionality – and you don’t have to spend a dime!
How much does it cost?
All core functions of MyTracker are free.
Is it difficult to set up MyTracker for my app?
Just add the MyTracker SDK to your app and you are good to go. More instructions available here.
How do I learn more about MyTracker?
We have prepared a detailed guide to get you up to speed on all technical aspects, and our customer support is available 24/7.
Does the iOS 14.5 update affect MyTracker’s attribution solutions?
At MyTracker, we are committed to providing flexible solutions that secure both user privacy and correct attribution. You can learn more about our iOS 14.5 solutions here.
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